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CLIENT - Corporate


A leading company located at Delhi has lost data due to the ransomware attack


To recover SQL database that got corrupt due to the ransomware attack


  • The client tried to recover the SQL data using a data recovery software but failed due to encryption
  • Contacted Stellar Data Recovery - Delhi Nehru Place branch to recover data encrypted due to arrow ransomware


Successfully recovered data from the encrypted SQL database


Encrypted SQL data recovered

Delhi-based designer glass manufacturing company, lost its important SQL data stored in a desktop computer due to arrow ransomware virus, which encrypted the SQL database.

The 500 GB hard drive has the model number WD5000AADS-00S9B0 and serial number WCAV9H642129. The client used the hard drive to store records of products, customers, and sales details using a SQL database.

The company cannot afford to lose these details as it can be detrimental to the progress of the establishment and can entail business, monetary, and reputation loss.


The concerned client tried to recover the SQL data at its own end using a data recovery software; nevertheless, the software was not able to get back the deciphered data due to encryption, as the client did not have the key to decrypt the database file.

Instead of paying ransom to the virus developer to get the decryption password, the client preferred to contact Stellar Data Recovery Nehru Place, the trusted brand in data recovery solution, for recovering the inaccessible SQL data.


A representative from the company visited Stellar Data Recovery – Delhi Nehru Place branch with the affected hard drive to recover the encrypted SQL database. We received the drive for analysis.

After performing the initial analysis, our data recovery engineer found that arrow ransomware virus had internally encrypted the SQL database via an encryption algorithm.

At the outset, the engineer recovered the corrupt SQL database file using our proprietary data recovery tool, and then manually checked the internal structure of the corrupt database file implementing a Hex Editor.

Afterwards, the engineer internally changed few entries of the corrupt database file and finally repaired the file with the help of our proprietary Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair tool.


The client, sent a representative to check the recovered database file. The representative verified the file and was happy to see the SQL data in perfect condition. The client was satisfied with the Stellar Data Recovery team for their wonderful data recovery job.