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The client is an individual from Delhi, who formatted his DVR system


To successfully recover videos from formatted DVR


  • Contacted Stellar Data Recovery - Delhi (Nehru Place branch) to recover his DVR videos
  • Visited the branch with his DVR for decoding & video recovery


Recovered DVR videos


Formatted DVR data recovered by client using Stellar Data Recovery service

Delhi-based client recently formatted his Digital Video Recorder’s storage drive. The DVR uses Seagate hard disk drive with the Model Number ST2000VX000, Serial Number Z4Z39KTJ, and storage capacity of 2 Terabyte. The big storage space of the hard disk drive allowed him to save & view large-sized high definition videos with ease, and he made a good collection of TV videos.

Just like ordinary hard disk, the DVR’s hard disk is also prone to data loss. On connecting the DVR’s hard drive with a laptop, due to unknown file system type the client’s laptop prompted him to format the same. Ignorant of the consequence of formatting, he clicked OK. When he checked the file after formatting, to his surprise, the video files were gone. The DVR has logically failed to provide accessibility to all his recorded videos.


The main challenge for the client was to access the formatted videos, as usual, on his television using the DVR. As his drive contained important recorded videos that took him months to assimilate, which he does not want to lose, so he promptly contacted a data recovery expert for help.


Stellar Data Recovery – Delhi, Nehru Place branch received a call from the client. Our customer care executive attended the call and listened to the client’s problem carefully. The executive pacified the client for his loss and assured him complete video recovery

The executive also informed the client about the ‘No Recovery, No Charge’ policy and told him to visit Nehru Place service center with his digital video recorder. Next day, the client came to the service center with his DVR.


On receipt of the formatted DVR, the drive was extracted and sent for analysis. After scrutinizing the drive our expert concluded for the damage of files system that made the videos to become inaccessible. The expert after getting confirmation for recovery, used Stellar’s cutting-edge tools to recover and decode video files.

DVR Data Recovery was performed in certified labs with state-of-the-art recovery technology. Our data recovery specialist first created the clone of DVR HDD to an external storage drive to prevent any corruption in videos. He then recovered the DVR data and subsequently decoded those data using Stellar proprietary tools.


The client was really happy to find his formatted videos back.  He thanked our Nehru Place team for successfully recovering his DVR videos. We attached the hard disk drive to the DVR and handed it back to him. He left the service center satisfied.