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CLIENT - Damaged Data and Corrupted ZFS File Recovery from Hitachi HDD - Case ID: DL139120


The client is a small enterprise serving as the retailer of computers and peripheral devices. It caters to people’s and enterprise’s need of IT assets.


To recover Sun Solaris data that was lost due to corruption in the ZFS file system of Solaris UNIX OS.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery Delhi for repair of ZFS file system and recover lost data.


  • Successfully repaired the corrupt ZFS file system and recovered lost data.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Corrupted Data with ZFS files from Hitachi Hard Drive

Located in the capital city of India, New Delhi, 5th Element Technology serves as the retailers of computer peripherals devices. It caters to individuals as well as SMBs and large businesses for their need of computers and peripheral devices. 


The client employed 1 TB hard drive (Model No. - HUA721010KLA330, Serial no. - PBJ5YBTE) manufactured by Hitachi, one of the leading manufacturers of hard disk drive (HDD). The large storage capacity of the drive guaranteed that a significant amount of data could be saved on it. Moreover, the renowned HDD manufacturer ensured that data could be stored in a safe and secure manner.   

The drive was running Solaris that is a Unix operating system, and the file system was ZFS, which also acts as a logical volume manager. Although featured with protection against data corruption in addition to other features, the ZFS file system became corrupt. With damage to the file system, all stored data of Sun Solaris OS was lost.
The lost data had detailed information of the employees, customers, financial details, etc. and hence was crucial. Without those significant data, the retailer could not resume its business of delivering computer and peripheral devices to its customers, or any other task related to its employees and their financial matters. Thus, immediate recovery of the lost data was quite important.   

As the client urgently required the data to continue delivering on time services, the IT administrator asked to recover the data as soon as possible. Here, the challenges for him was to recover the Solaris data that was lost due to damage in the OS’s ZFS file system.  


The IT administrator tried to repair the damaged file system for recovering the lost data but realized at the initial stage itself that he did not have the required expertise to proceed. Thus, given the task was to be completed at the earliest, he contacted our Stellar Data Recovery - Delhi Service center with the expectation of a speedy data recovery from the hard drive.

To this, the executive at the Delhi Service center of Stellar Data recovery lent a patient ear to the IT administrator who approached for recovery.  To this, he asked to either bring the drive to the Center or request for collection from home. As he brought along the drive, the executive sent it for the primary analysis.
On analysis of the Hitachi drive, the professionals detected it and the drive was working fine. However, the ZFS file system suffered total and severe damage.


To get through this challenge of corruption in the ZFS file system that caused data loss, the professionals created a clone of the HDD. By having a clone, even if the original drive was damaged in the file system repair and hence data recovery process, they would have a cloned drive for recovery.

The process involved the following three steps:  identification of the type of corruption, repairing the damaged file system, file or directory, and finally repairing ZFS storage pool-wide damage by employing advanced proprietary tools and professional data recovery services. Finally, the recovery process completed and informed to the client by an email.   

As a response to the email, the IT administrator of our client (5th Element Technology) came to the branch and verified the recovered data. After checking, he became highly elated and was all praise for Stellar Data Recovery Delhi.