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CLIENT - Talbros Automotive Component Ltd.


Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. Manufactures Gaskets & Heat Shields, Forgings, Suspension Systems, Anti Vibration components and Hoses.


To recover onion ransomware encrypted data


Stellar Data Recovery center Nehru Place, New Delhi was approached to recover onion ransomware encrypted data


Successfully decrypted all files


Data recovery from Onion Ransomware encrypted data

A small blunder can sabotage an organization’s brand management elements. Same was the case with Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. A leading sealing solutions provider, Talbros Automotive Component Ltd. caters to a huge market segment.

However, in one such rare incident, It fell victim to onion virus/ransomware due to which all the crucial business data (xls, doc, pdf) stored on the hard drive was encrypted. Further, once injected, the Ransomware jeopardizes operations by infecting other systems as well.

Hard drive’s Details
Drive Type and Manufacturer:  Toshiba,
Drive Model: DT01ACA050
Drive Serial No: 15QHD1WKSX11
Drive Capacity: 500 GB
Operating system: Windows


Under crisis, split-second reactions are required to successfully deal with the situation. Above all, Onion ransomware is not a trivial issue as one needs to pay hefty ransom in Bitcoins for decrypting files. Further, it works on countdown mechanism meaning that the ransom had to be paid before the specified deadline, else all data will be lost. Decrypting files is next to impossible as in such cases, cybercriminals use complex cryptographic scheme which is quite difficult to penetrate. However, to regain access to files there are two options i.e. either to pay the ransom (not a recommended one) or to seek professional data recovery assistance.

What troubled the most was the data stored in the hard drive. As Talbros Group has notable international partners, they simply cannot overlook the fact of data breach which could have led to the domino effect.


As the incident could have ripple effects, the situation demanded a reliable onion ransomware data recovery services. This is when Stellar Data Recovery Nehru Place stepped in. Considering the circumstances, at first, it was quite difficult to move in a progressive direction but with the years of expertise, the team came up with a solution. To recover files, the hard drive was first cloned in the certified lab to prevent data overwriting and then data was decrypted using proprietary tools.


Talbros Group trusts in Stellar Data Recovery was fruitful as all important data was decrypted without paying the ransom. In addition, timely solution provided by Stellar exceeded their satisfaction level.