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CLIENT - Corporate


The client, a manufacturer from Rajasthan, has Crashed SSD with logical encryption by McAfee safe boot encryption.


To recover client’s data from C and D drive of 512 GB SSD.


  • Conducted initial troubleshooting with the assistance of in-house IT  team
  • Later, called Stellar Data Recovery for help & support


Successfully recovered 90 percent of the client’s data from the crashed encrypted hard drive.


Successfully recovered data from 512 GB encrypted SSD

An Indian multinational company engaged in the manufacturing of chemicals, technical textiles, engineering plastics, and packaging films. The company found itself in a tough situation when they discovered that their operating system in one of the computers had crashed, thereby making the data inaccessible.

The model number of the 512 GB SSD drive was SSS0L24686, which was encrypted by McAfee safe boot encryption v7.1. The drive contained essential data in partition C and D before turning inaccessible.


The client tried to access their system, but the computer didn’t boot properly as the operating system was corrupted. They feared that resetting the current OS could erase their data.

They wanted the data in partition C & D of the hard drive to be recovered. After exhausting the expertise of the in-house IT team, the client sought the services of Stellar Data Recovery.


The client postulated their challenge in detail and requested our technical support immediately. After our request, the client sent the SSD to us for recovery of important data.


The data recovery experts at Stellar Data Recovery Gurgaon analyzed the storage media and created a clone of the crashed SSD for the purpose of recovery. After manually changing the internal structure of the cloned media, our expert found the device to be protected by McAfee safe boot encryption.

We then requested the client to provide us with the requisite credentials associated with the encrypted account for successful recovery.
Using the credentials, our data recovery expert successfully decrypted the SSD and created another clone of the decrypted storage media. The expert once again analyzed the drive to detect problems.

Once the problem or the data loss situation was identified, the expert began the process of data recovery using Stellar’s proprietary data recovery software. The software ran successfully recovering 90 percent of the data from the two partitions.


The Client, was extremely delighted as the percentage of data recovered by Stellar was totally unexpected.

The client was unable to access their data on a hard drive as the OS crashed, the only solution was to seek a data recovery service.  Accolade goes to Stellar Data Recovery for successfully recovering client’s coveted data with ease.



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