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CLIENT - Corporate


The client has a 1 TB Undetected Toshiba hard disk drive


To recover data from the Undetected 1 Terabyte hard disk drive


  • Approached Stellar Data Recovery - Kochi
  • Came for data recovery with the Undetected Toshiba drive


Successfully recovered data containing Coastal Folders, MS Office files


Undetected 1tb hard drive’s data recovered successfully

A Kochi-based company, lost its important data stored in an undetected hard disk drive. The Toshiba SATA HDD has the model number MQ01ABD100, serial number X3ADPCPMT, and storage capacity of 1 Terabytes.

The organization used the hard drive in a Windows computer to store important files including coastal folders and MS Office files. Owing to the importance of these files, The client decided to get in touch with a professional data recovery service provider to recover the hard drive’s data.


The client made a call at Stellar Data Recovery Kochi branch to enquire about our data recovery service. One of our customer care executive attended the call and attentively understand the problem faced by the client.

According to them the hard disk contained lots of vital documents and they required the data urgently from the medium. Our executive comforted the client and assured for prompt recovery. After being contented with our trustworthy service, the client came to our branch with the undetected hard drive data recovery.


We, Stellar Data Recovery Kochi team, received the affected hard drive from the client and immediately sent it to our data recovery technician for preliminary analysis.

The technician promptly checked the hard drive in a PC’s BIOS (Basic Input Output System) mode and found it to be not recognizing due to firmware issue. He then fixed the issue and started the image processing task using head map.

Due to the presence of large bad sectors, the expert read   the image using Head 0 and Head 3 and then used Head 1 and Head 4 to create the image. Ultimately, the complete image of the drive was successfully created.

The technician then used Stellar’s proprietary data recovery software to recover lost data from the image. The recovered database files and documents from the drive were thoroughly tested, and all the important files worked satisfactorily.


A representative visited our Kochi branch for verification. The client was delighted to see all the recovered data in perfect working state. As all the data was important official files, so the client was satisfied with Stellar’s professional data recovery service & process.