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CLIENT - Emails, Excel Files, PDF File, PPT Recovery - Case ID: KOC2041


A big brand of electronics goods and home appliances in India.


To successfully recover the lost emails and documents such as Excel files, Word files, PDF file, PPT, etc.


Approached the closest Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery to recover the lost data- Word files, Excel files PDF file, PPT, etc.


  • Repaired the head of the hard disk drive
  • Recovered all lost hard drive Data.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered emails and documents such as Excel files, Word files, PDF file, PPT, etc. from Toshiba Hard Drive

A largest electronics company caters to people’s need of advanced electronics products, computers, mobile phones, and home appliances such as television, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. in the country with its several branches spread across the country.

One of its branches is at Kochi that serves the need of electronics items for the people who reside in the southern part of the country. 

Challenge Faced by the CLIENT’s Administrator

The client used a Toshiba hard drive with Model No: MQ01ABD075 and S/N: 640DP17AT to store all its critical and confidential data. The data storage capacity of the hard drive used was 750GB, which guaranteed that the client could save a significant amount of data on it safely and securely.
While the IT administrator was using the hard drive in a system that was running Windows 7 operating system (OS), he faced an issue with it. The system got shut down all of a sudden immediately after he powered it on. To this, he restarted the system, but the hard disk drive (HDD) was not readable. In addition, this brought a challenge to the client.  

Earlier, anytime the data needed, the administrator used the mail files and other data items stored in it. However, this time as the hard drive was unreadable it was a challenge for the client to access the data stored in it. The challenge was to recover all the emails in the drive immediately and the confidential documents that the administrator had saved on desktop in different formats such as in MS Excel (.xls and .xlsx), Word (.doc and .docx), Adobe Acrobat (PDF format), PowerPoint (PPT), etc.

In an attempt to tackle the issue in-house, the IT administrator tried certain resolutions on own, but he failed. He recognized that without opting for professional help, it was not possible to rectify the issue of system shutdown immediately after powering it ON.

STEllar DATA recovery – The WAY forward

We got the client's query for HDD data recovery services to recover all emails and other documents saved on the hard drive. We came to know that the drive became unreadable and hence it was not possible for the client to access the data stored in it.  

To this, we responded to the client and assured him of a viable solution. Our representative informed the client of every step right from shipping the system and hard drive to the Service Centre for analysis, data recovery to verifying the recovered data i.e. entire data recovery services process. Further, he asked the client to send his system running Windows OS to Stellar Data Recovery Kochi Service Centre.

On diagnosis, the data recovery experts found that there was an issue in the head of the hard drive, which was restricting the system to remain open after powering it ON or starting it. Then, they revealed that as the drive head was not working in the expected manner, it could not be read. The client was informed about it who further gave a go-ahead for rectifying the issue.


Using several suitable techniques, the data recovery experts repaired the head of the hard drive. Thereafter, they used advanced techniques and other suited tools to recover all lost emails as well as Excel, Word, PPT, PDF, and other documents saved on the Toshiba hard drive.  

Once the HDD data recovery process was over, a represntative immediately came to the Service Centre and verified  the retrieved data. He was happy to see the results and thanked the data recovery experts for the successful recovery. He was all smiles!




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