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To recover client’s important official documents and pictures from non-detecting external hard drive


The client approaches Stellar Data Recovery (Kochi center)


Successfully recovers client’s documents and pictures from the not detecting external hard drive


Stellar Data Recovery successfully recovered data for non-detecting hard drive

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The client hits a hurdle!

In an incident, the client was unable to access the crucial official data stored on the external hard drive as it stopped detecting. Further, the client required all data on an urgent basis; hence, restoring files from the affected hard drive was a high-priority task.

Technical Details of the hard drive
Drive Type and Manufacture:  External Drive (2.5)/ 9KW2A4/SERIAL NO: 2GEL12Z
Media Capacity: 250 GB
Operating System: Windows
Issue with the media: Not detecting
Types of data recovered: All data, documents, and photos

The client approached Stellar Data Recovery Services Kochi centre and submitted the affected HDD for data recovery services.

Stellar resolves the problem- Not Detecting Hard Drive

On analysis of the hdd, the specialists found out the hard drive was detected in BIOS. This was due to bad sectors in the drive. This was the cause of hdd not detecting in the clients system.

Once, the reason was known to the specialist, the recovery specialist got to work.

To recover data from it, the hard drive was scanned sector by sector using a proprietary tool and an image was created. After creating the image, the team recovered all the required data. Additionally, the recovered data was verified for consistency and accuracy.

An efficient recovery

The client was overwhelmed with the data recovery services and appreciated the team’s effort for retrieving all crucial data.