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CLIENT - Corporate


Kochi based famous wedding photography studio has lost files stored on his undetected Toshiba disk drive


To recover client’s data from the 1 TB Toshiba storage device


The client approached Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery to recover the lost data


Successfully recovered all the wedding videos from the undetected HDD


Wedding videos recovered from undetected HDD

Professional wedding photography and videography studio located at Kochi, the client had lost marriage videos of their customers that were stored on the undetected storage drive of their desktop computer.

The 1 Terabyte Toshiba hard disk drive has the model number of MQ01ACF050 and the serial number of 56MOC1S0T. The studio used to compile and process the customer's videos and photographs on the desktop PC.

The studio members believed in working diligently to capture authentic moments at a joyous occasion of wedding and related events. They endeavor to apply their skills to frame a beautiful album of remarkable moments.


The client recently found that the desktop computer does not boot because of the presence of undetected hard drive. The studio needs to deliver wedding videos to their customers as soon as possible. Because of the hard disk glitch, the client requested all their customers for a month’s time to furnish the wedding photo albums and videos.


For fear of data loss, the studio personnel did not try to recover the inaccessible videos all by themselves using a data recovery software (which was readily available in different websites). Instead, they preferred to contact a reliable data recovery company to get back their lost data. Thence, they rang up Stellar Data Recovery Kochi Service Center and articulated their worriment and urgency. 


Our customer care department at Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery received the call from client. After listening to the apprehension of the client, our executive convinced them about the technology and tools we use that makes the data recovery possible from our end even for the complicated data recovery cases. 

We requested the client to visit our service center with the defective disk drive. The client sent a staff member to our service center. We took the disk drive for performing the data recovery task.

The storage drive underwent the stages of analysis and recovery. The assigned data recovery engineer connected the hard drive externally to a computer in normal mode and found it to be inaccessible. The engineer then checked the hard drive in BIOS mode, and it detected the drive. Next, the engineer tested the drive in Device Manager to gain insight into the device.

Afterward, the specialist found that the computer did not recognize the hard drive and the system stopped responding. On connecting the hard drive to an advanced machine, the expert tried to read the sectors and observed that the head reading speed was quite slow. Even some platter areas were not readable due to the presence of bad sectors.

The specialist then opened the hard drive in Class 100 Clean Room lab and found four defective heads. The expert replaced the defective heads with the perfect ones and read all the sectors by head mapping method to complete the imaging process.

The engineer then used Stellar’s proprietary data recovery software to Deep Scan the image file and recover all data present in the HDD.

We then verified the recovered data thoroughly and found all the wedding videos in the perfect playable state without any latency, distortion, or audio out-of-sync issue. We communicated to the client about the recovery success.


The client, sent a representative to verify the recovered data. The representative played all the wedding videos and found them error free. The client was delighted with our service.