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Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of men's apparel.


To successfully recover the RAID 0 server data that became inaccessible due to corruption in the hard disks


  • Enquired Stellar for RAID recovery services through Google
  • As recommended, contacted Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai service center who employed standard data recovery techniques to recover the inaccessible RAID data


  • Successfully restored the failed RAID 0 server
  • Successfully recovered 3-months Tally and other software application data


Successfully recovers raid 0 server data

Located in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) or ‘India’s Financial Centre,’ a Readymade Garment Manufacturer & Exporter company that manufactures and exports menswear within India and overseas.

Administrative Challenge

The client employed RAID 0 server running Windows OS and manufactured by IBM to store all its data including software applications. The RAID capacity and interface used was 47GB*2 and SAS HDD, which ensured that all Tally data including data on the installed software applications of the company was safe and secure.

Sometime ago, the Database Administrator (DBA) of the company found that although the server could be detected, the structure of the RAID was corrupt, which meant that the RAID server had become damaged. This lead to inaccessibility of all the stored data on the RAID server.

To overcome the data loss situation, the Administrator wanted a fast and quick recovery of the hard drive data in the RAID 0 Server of the company.


The client reached out to Stellar for their RAID data recovery requirement. Soon after we received the enquiry, one of our representatives sent the quotation to the Client. Based on the query, we informed the Client that we specialize in data recovery and hence could restore their data; however, we had to diagnose the server and its hard disks before taking up the data recovery task.

As the location of the Client company was Mumbai, we asked the Client to send the RAID 0 server to the closest Mumbai branch of Stellar Data Recovery. After receiving the RAID server, we sent the hard disks for a primary diagnosis.

Our experts analyzed the media and confirmed that the cause of damage to the RAID server was both logical and physical. They also guaranteed that as per the Client’s need and requirement, they would recover the three-month Tally data and data of installed software as soon as possible.


After receiving a nod from the Client’s end to proceed with the RAID recovery, our professionals made the first attempt to recover data by processing the image file. However, the process was interrupted because of corruption issue in the structure of the RAID and a few bad sectors on the hard disk.

The RAID structure corruption and bad sectors on the HDD were two significant challenges that had to be overcome for the successful completion of the data recovery process. It was not possible to fix these issues by any software. Hence, our experts went forward with the following steps:

  • Firstly, they created image files at their end.
  • Secondly, after the completion of image file creation process, they created a RAID array structure.
  • Finally, they recovered the required data within just a couple of days by keeping the data recovery process on, day and night.

After completion of the RAID 0 Server data recovery process, we informed the Client’s representative through email that their data have been recovered.  After receiving our email, he visited Stellar Mumbai Branch immediately and verified the recovered data.

The Client was pleased to see the recovered 3-months Tally and other software data. He was quite satisfied with our timely services. Elated with the work of Stellar Data Recovery – Mumbai branch he appreciated the team and gave good reviews for our work through Google.