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The client is an individual from Mumbai, who lost data from his 64 GB pen drive


To recover client’s data from bit locker encrypted pen drive


Visited Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai


Got his pen drive in working state with all his lost data


Stellar Successfully Recovers Data from Bit Locker Encrypted Pen Drive

Mohammed Memon, an inhabitant of Mumbai, had lost his valuable collection of movies, pictures, and contacts from his password protected pen drive. The drive was detected in his computer but no data was visible.

The SanDisk flash drive, which he used, had the storage capacity of 64 Gigabytes, enough for him to save quite a lot of data.  He used his pen drive to view movies at his leisure on his smart television.


In order to protect files & folders present in his pen drive from unauthorized access, Memon has encrypted his removable data drive with ‘BitLocker To Go’ available in Windows 10.

When he connected his pen drive to his laptop he was not able to access his drive. He was unhappy because he did not backup the unwatched movies as well as other valuable data to his computer. He desperately wanted to access his pen drive as usual.

For assistance, he visited Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai.


Mr. Memon came to Stellar Data Recovery – Mumbai with his pen drive. He was very gentle and spoke all his issues clearly to our executive. The executive empathized the issue and relieved his desperation by saying “the drive has undergone logical failure, which can be recovered.”

We requested him to submit his pen drive for initial assessment. He did as expected. We then asked Menon to relax and assured him 100% success from our past experiences. We promised to share the assessment report for recovery as and when our data recovery expert is through with the analysis process.


Our expert initially analyzed the storage media and found the drive encrypted via Bit Locker. The drive was detected in our testing machine but was not accessible. There was problem in data accessibility due to missing encryption entries.

We called Mr. Memon expressing our need of recovery key for the Bit Locker Key. We got the key from the client. Using the encryption key, our data recovery professional decrypted the file. Our specialist, then, used powerful recovery tools and techniques to successfully recover the data in just four days.  We conveyed the success to the client and expressed him to procure the fixed drive.


Our client, Mr. Memon, received his required data on time. He was happy with the service and appreciated Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai team by providing the following feedback: Finally got my complete data through stellar data recovery. This system is on their words and recovered complete data before their commitment. So it is just the best in data recovery.



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