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CLIENT - SQL Database & Tally Data Recovery - Case ID: M23970


An affiliate of DKT International, DKT India is a non-profit and cost-effective Family Planning Association in India. It extensively promotes as well as helps the public in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention


To effectively recover all the lost healthcare data saved in SQL database MDF file and Tally TSF file


  • The DBA of the client company tried to reset the password with Windows 2012 CD and access the data
  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery - Mumbai to create new and healthy RAID array structure


Successfully recovered all the lost SQL (MDF) and Tally (TSF) data from the RAID 0 server


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered SQL & Tally data from 'Locky' virus infected RAID 0 Server

Established in 1992, DKT India is a charitable health organization that delivers quality health services mainly in family planning and prevention of HIV/AIDS to the public in India. It started its operations in Maharashtra and Gujarat. With 24 years of service in healthcare, it now operates in 18 of 29 Indian states, therefore, serving about 600 million people i.e. about half of the country’s total population. It’s thirty percent of sales come from rural areas.

Challenges that the client faced

The client employed RAID 0 server (Capacity – 2500 GB) with 4 SAS hard disk drives (HDD) that had Windows operating system running. The Windows RAID server ensured reliability, availability, capacity, and performance. This, in turn, ensured safe and secure storage of the significant amount of its healthcare data. However, the issue that the client faced was that despite the drive being detected, the RAID structure of all the 4 hard drives became damaged. Also, few files and folders got infected with the ‘Locky’ virus.
Thus, the database administrator (DBA) of the IT department of the client company could not log into the server. This happened even though he keyed in the same password that he used every day to log into Windows operating system. To overcome this challenge, the DBA went forward and got the password reset with Windows 2012 CD. However, after he logged into the Windows server, he found that there was no data on the hard drive partitions. This was the challenge that had to be overcome by creating new and healthy RAID array structure for all the four hard drives.


Mr. Mohammed Farooq, the representative our client company, from DKT India – Mumbai, enquired us for a RAID 0 data recovery services through Google. We at Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai branch took the initiative of the enquiry, and in the process, sent a quotation to him immediately. We also informed him about our specialized RAID data recovery services in India and outside the country. We assured him of our capability to handle all data loss situations.  
The executive at the Stellar Data Recovery branch asked him to ship all the four hard drives. He readily sent all the four hard drives for the purpose of data recovery. Next, the data recovery experts at the branch analyzed the hard drives and found that image file was needed. They informed the representative that image of all the four hard drives had to be created, and then processed for complete RAID data recovery.


After analysis and creation of the report, the data recovery experts created images of the hard drives which took a long time to complete. Next, they attempted to recover the lost data by processing the image files. Further, they created a RAID array structure that was damaged. Finally, they scanned the array image of the RAID server and successfully recovered lost Tally data as well as SQL data.

After completing the RAID recovery process, we shared the result with Mohammed Farooq via email and asked him to verify the same. To this, he immediately visited our branch and checked the recovered data. He was quite happy to see that the professionals had recovered all the lost data on time. He was all praise of the data recovery experts who were directly involved in the data recovery process of the damaged RAID server.