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CLIENT - Outlook PST and Backup Files Recovery - Case ID: V14035


The client is one of the many world’s largest Oil Field Equipment Manufacturing & Services Company. The world’s largest manufacturer and service provider of Oil Field Equipment, it manufactures and provides services globally.


To successfully recover the Outlook PST and backup file data from Seagate hard drive that could not be detected.


  • The in-house IT team tried to resolve the issue by connecting to several machines
  • Contacted Stellar Data Recovery - Vashi to recover the lost PST and backup data


  • Recovered complete PST and backup data.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Outlook PST and Backup Files from Seagate Hard Drive

Based out of Singapore and operating as a subsidiary of Baker Hughes Incorporated, Baker Hughes Singapore Pte. Ltd. is an Oil Field manufacturing, supplies, and services company that was incorporated on December 17, 1994. Its line of business embraces the trade of machinery and equipment for use in oil industries. Also, it leases oil field equipment and offers related services to people engaged in the task of oil exploration.

To store a large amount of significant data related to these oil field equipment and services, it used a laptop running Windows operating system (OS) with 500GB hard drive (Make: Seagate, Model: ST9500420ASG). The high data storage capacity and make of the hard disk drive (HDD) ensured that a significant amount of data could be saved securely in it. However, there was a challenge faced by the company who is our corporate client.  

Challenges FACED by Our Corporate CLIENT

The IT administrator of our client was unable to read the Seagate hard drive as the HDD could not be detected and was encrypted. These two issues made it impossible for the administrator to access the data stored in it.

To this, the senior-most IT administrator in the company disconnected the hard drive from the laptop and connected it to another machine. (This is usually the first step to check whether the issue is with the drive or the machine.) Still, the hard drive could not be detected.

Next, he reconnected the drive to another 2-3 systems. But, it could not be detected in BIOS making the situation grim. To this unsuccessful effort, the IT administrator contacted Stellar Data Recovery Vashi to resolve the issue of the hard drive that the IT person could not read because of un-detection and encryption.

STEllar DAta Recovery to the rescue

The executive at our Stellar Data Recovery Vashi Service Centre explained the complete process that the professionals carry out to resolve the hard drive issue. As our corporate client got profoundly convinced with the entire process of the HDD data recovery, the hard drive that could not be detected was handed over to us for executing the data recovery task.

Once we received the damaged or corrupt hard drive, we gave it to the professionals who started the data recovery process under the guidance of an expert.


Our specialized professionals performed a complete HDD data recovery process as described below:

  • Firstly, they connected the drive to a machine. On doing this, they found that the HDD was losing its detection continuously.
  • Secondly, they examined the hard drive thoroughly. On examination, they found that it was due to weak heads that were 4 in number, in addition to encryption with McAfee.
  • Thirdly, as the head of the drives were not strong, they connected the drive and checked it with the help of a special tool called DFL. With this, they found that one head (0) was weaker than the others and hence was losing detection from the hard drive.
  • Thereafter, with DFL tool they started imaging heads (0, 1, 2, and 3) which were less problematic than 1 head (0) that was the weakest of all.
  • Next, they completed about 1 lakh sectors of imaging in total. They performed imaging in the range of 30,000 sectors every time with the head. As the data was related to emails in Outlook PST file and the hard drive was encrypted with McAfee encryption they completed as many sectors possible randomly with the head.
  • After that, they performed gap filling process of the sectors that got skipped during imaging. The entire imaging process took 7 working days to complete after which the recovery process was carried out.
  • Then, the professionals asked the client to give them XML file for decryption. After receiving the XML file, they started the decryption process.
  • Finally, the decryption process was completed, and they successfully recovered all the data the client asked for.

The emails in the PST file which contained official communication as well as all data in the backup file were completely recovered.  The retrieved Outlook data (PST), and backup file was in working condition.

In the end, the client was elated by the result as the PST and backup data was completely recovered!



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