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(Last updated 19th Jan, 2021)

1. Introduction

Stellar (“Company “) believes that excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. As a service organization, customer service and customer satisfaction are our prime focus area. In order to achieve the company‟s vision coupled with its corporate values, Stellar gives special emphasis towards providing customer with excellent service adhering to complete transparency and respect towards customer. 

1.1 Objective

The objective of this policy is to provide for efficient & effective grievance redressal mechanism to the customers claiming under policies and has been formulated taking into account the following: 

This Privacy Policy and statement is created to explain to you how we (Stellar, or one of our other website and software) collect your data, how we process them, how we secure them, how we might share them as regards to providing our services and how we store them. This Privacy Statement also describes what right you have as regards to your personal data, how you give your consent and how you withdraw your consent. If you are a user who resides in the European Union Region, we also explain what rights you have as a data subject.

  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time. 
  • Customers are treated fairly at all times. 
  • Complete transparency is maintained with the customers. 
  • All complaints are dealt with efficiently and fairly. 
  • Customers are informed of avenues to escalate their complaints / grievances within the organization. 
  • To ensure all Customer inputs are logged in

Customer Request or Complaint should have defined turnaround time (TAT) & same would be communicated to the customer.

1.2    Definitions

Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction or concern regarding the services, operating procedures, staff, vendors, or complaint handling process made by a customer.

Complainant: The person making the complaint.

Customer: The person or entity receiving a services from Stellar. 

Complaint Log: Electronic or paper records of all incoming complaints, including information on the complainant and resolution of complaint. 

1.3 Scope of Policy

This policy covers all grievances raised by the cutomers for the services provides by Stellar, about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service/deficiency of services and/or any intermediary or asks for remedial action communicated by any mode of communication i.e. voice/ SMS/ e-mail/ fax/ mail/etc. 

1.4 Internal Grievance Redressal Network

1.4.1   Branch Grievance Redressal Officer: Stellar has nominated Branch Manager at all its branches to whom a complaint can be made, and who shall immediately record such grievance and make his/her best endeavors to resolve such grievance. The Grievance officer at branch level shall be inter alia responsible for;    All the grievances received at the office are registered in the system, and addressed appropriately.    All grievances are resolved within the defined TAT.    To undertake proactive methods for Customer satisfaction.

1.4.2    Customer Service Department: The Customer Service department shall be the overall custodian of all Queries, Requests and complaints received at the Branch/Zone level or the Head office. The Customer Service Department shall be inter alia responsible;    To ensure Redressal of grievances logged in Call Logging system.    To ensure compliance with the processes laid down by Stellar from time to time.    To monitor the quality of closure by owners and highlight the gaps on regular basis.    To escalate cases not actioned within set timelines to ensure Customer satisfaction.    To address escalated grievances and undertake steps for timely closure.    To circulate learning‟s emanating from complaints across the organization for Improved Customer Focus.    To interact with the Grievance Redressal Officer at Corporate office for closure of Customer Grievances.    To maintain record of all customer complaints & provide reports based on internal compliance and share the same to the Management. 

1.4.3    Grievance Redressal Manager: Stellar has designated its Mr. Vishnu Nair as Grievance Redressal Manager. The Grievance Manager shall inter alia be responsible for:    Interact with the stakeholders for Redressal of Grievances.    Guide the GROs at Operations HO and Branch office from time to time for adopting better Grievance Redressal practices.    Reviewing the Grievances and suggesting the action steps for improving Customer Satisfaction.    Designing Policy and strategy for making the Grievance Procedure and process more competitive and Customer focused.    Representing the Company in various forums & judicial bodies.    Timely reporting of the Grievance data to the Board of Directors.    In case the resolution provided by the company is disputed by the complainant, in accordance with the powers conferred upon him as the Grievance Redressal Manager, he can review the complaint and certify that Stellar has discharged its contractual, statutory and regulatory obligation and therefore close the Complaint.

1.4.4    Grievance redressal procedures and tat:    All Grievances shall be registered in Stellar’s Customer Service System. The Customers can register their grievancin the manner specified in Clause 7.    The Turn Around time for each service Category and complaints shall be clearly defined. If the customer grievance relates to a delay in service whereas it is well within the Service level turn around time, the customer shall be educated of the same. In such cases, the Grievance shall be registered if the Service Level TAT has not been followed.    Stellar shall send a written acknowledgement to the complainant within 5 working days of the receipt of the grievance.    The acknowledgement shall contain the name and designation of the officer who will deal with the grievance.    Where Stellar resolves the complaint within 10 working days, it shall communicate the resolution along with the acknowledgement. To the complainant    Where the grievance is not resolved within 10 working days, Stellar shall resolve the grievance within 30 working days weeks of its receipt and send a final written response on the resolution, if any.    The written response shall give the details of the resolution. It shall also inform the complainant about how he/she may pursue the complaint, if dissatisfied. It shall inform that it will regard the complaint as closed if it does not receive a reply within 8 weeks from the date of receipt of response the customer.    All Branch Offices & the Head Office shall adopt the uniform policy and process the complaints as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). 

1.5 Channels to  lodge Complaint:

The customer may lodge its complaints, using any of the following facilities given below : 

1.5.1    Branch Level
1.5.2    HO Level
1.5.3    Customer Service Department
1.5.4    Customer Grievance Manager

1.6 Task and activities 

Sl. # Activity Responsibility
At Stellar, we handle the customer complaints through various departments.
2.6.1 Complaints handling in Technical Support

In Technical Support the queries as well as complaints are received through calls, chats, and mails.  

Technical Support team effectively solves the issues within the stipulated time, raised by the customer. If the team finds that the issue cannot be solved after the consultation with testing team they the case is transferred to orders department for refund, So that the case can be closed.

When a query/ complaint are raised by the customer and if the customer does not respond in the stipulated time then the case is closed. 

Technical Support Manager
2.6.2 Complaint handling in DRS department at Head Office (HO) All the issues raised the customer through mail / call directly at HO. If the issue does not belong to HO it is forwarded to the concerned branch for solution.  Quality Team
2.6.3 Complaint handling in DRS department at branch All the issues raised the customer through mail / call directly at branch in the DRS department and handled by Branch reprrsentative. Department Manager
2.6.4 Complaint handling through complaint cell / replies through Surveys in quality department

All the issues received at / is forwarded to the concerned department for closure.

All the Issues are tracked through a Complaint Handling Tracker (SITPL/IMS/SP/FM-43)

Quality Team
2.6.5 Complaints Procedure

1.    In the first instance complaints may be made in person, over the telephone or in writing as determined by the customer.

2.    Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

3.    The Quality team member will notify the Department Manager that a complaint has been made.

4.    The complaint is recorded in the Complaints Record (Complaint tracking tool) and the action taken.

5.    All complaints will be treated seriously but will be dealt with at the lowest operational level within the organization with the aim to resolving the complaint promptly.

6.    Person(s) affected by the complaint should be fully informed of all facts and given the opportunity to put forward their case.

7.    The Quality team receiving the initial contact will attempt to resolve the issue in the first instance. If this does not resolve the issue for the customer, the process will proceed to the Department Manager and then Customer Manager (Quality Manager).

8.    The Quality team will advise the complainant of the complaints process, providing a written copy of the Procedure and attached flow diagram to the complainant and advise them that they can speak to the Department Manager or Customer Manager (Quality Manager).

9.    The Customer must provide written notification of the complaint addressed to the Department Manager or Customer Manager.

10.    Attempt to resolve issue within 14 days.

11.    If the issue is still not resolved to the Customer’s satisfaction, the Customer can raise the issue with the Customer Manager.

12.    The Customer Manager will further investigate and prepare a response to the complainant and a report for the CEO of Stellar within twenty-eight (28 days) of receipt of the complaint.

13.    The Customer will be informed of the outcome of their complaint and asked for their feedback on the complaints procedure.


2. Quality Records 

1 Complaint Handling Tracker SITPL/IMS/SP/FM-43

3. Annexure 

3.1  Flow Diagram