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Get The Best NVR Data Recovery Service

NVR devices have become common in every business establishment and store. They record and store hours of critical footage. Data loss from such devices happens often due to physical damage, high temperature, equipment failure, and lack of maintenance. Our team of experts can recover data from NVR without any loss of quality. We use proprietary methods that do not affect the integrity of the footage. 

In case of failure do not attempt recovery yourself since it can cause permanent deletion of valuable data. We carry out our operations in a Class 100 Clean Room where professionals with decades of collective experience work on your NVR. 

footage loss due to power spike

Hard Drive Failure 

NVR systems store data on hard drives and SSDs. These can fail due to end-of-life issues and other factors. We specialise in restoring data contained in failed storage mediums. Whatever type of hard drive your device uses, we can recover data from NVR. 

NVR Power related issues


Power spikes can damage NVR devices. Constant under voltage and line disturbance can also affect equipment. Circuit boards and components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated circuits can burn out causing disruption.

NVR Physical Damage

Physical Damage 

The NVR system might have suffered physical damage. It could have been dropped from a height or moisture may have entered the device enclosure. If the device stops working, our experts can restore the data without loss of quality. 

NVR accidental deletion

Accidental deletion

Maintenance staff might accidentally delete data. This is known as logical deletion and can be undone as long as there is no overwriting. Shut down the device immediately and we shall bring the data back to life. 

NVR Failure Usual Scenarios 

Stellar Provides Data Recovery from NVR In Every Situation  

NVR systems can fail due to a variety of reasons. In our experience, these are the usual cases. In each of these situations, we can restore the footage perfectly. We have been part of data recovery since 1993 and use the latest tools and technology to bring your device back from dead. 

NVR Software Corruption

Software Corruption 

NVR systems rely on firmware, a type of mini-OS. Firmware corruption is common at the time of upgrade if it doesn't happen carefully. Lack of firmware can prevent the NVR from working as it should. Do not install fresh firmware again and again. 

NVR Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure 

Many NVR systems use hard disk drives. These use a mechanical system with a motor and a magnetised platter. The motor might fail or the read-write head could get stuck causing damage to the platter. Unplug the device carefully and send it to us for NVR Data Recovery. 

NVR Water Damage

Water Damage 

Water is the No. 1 enemy of electronics. Moisture can accumulate on the inside and cause the device to short circuit. Do not attempt to open and repair it yourself. It would cause further damage. Seek our advice straightaway to recover data from NVR. 

NVR file corruption

File System Corruption

The metadata on the video files could have been erased due to malware and other reasons. The data is there but cannot be read by conventional means. Our NVR Data Recovery team can restore it easily and provide you a perfect copy. 

CCTV-NVR Brands   

We Provide NVR Data Recovery From Every Global And Local Brand  

We have enormous experience in data retrieval from any and all types of devices. Our lab is well known globally for its efficiency and know-how. No matter what has happened to your NVR and the brand we promise that our NVR Data Recovery attempt will be by far superior. We handle all global brands including Amcrest® Dahua®,  Panasonic®,  Sony® Annke®,  D-Link® and others.

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Don't see your NVR brand listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover footage from NVR of any type or brand.

Recognised As The Best NVR Data Recovery Service

Stellar® NVR Recovery Service

Stellar provides recovery of data from NVR hardware that has been damaged, or suffered logical deletion of data. We offer services for everyone - from Fortune 500 corporations to neighbourhood stores. Our service is highly affordable and we aim to satisfy every customer. 

CCTV Footage Recovery

Highly Reliable NVR Data Recovery Service 

  • Recover data from NVR footage of any format MP4, AVI, MOV, WEBM, AVCHD. 
  • Use with any type of NVR - Wifi or POE.
  • Retrieve recordings regardless of brand and model. 
  • Superb track record of over 25 years. 
  • Brilliant success rate of 80% and more. 
  • An ISO 9001 - 27001 certified enterprise with matchless R&D. 

NVR Data Recovery Services: FAQs Answers

What is the cost of recovering data from NVR?

It depends on the type of data loss and the amount of data. Logical data loss (e.g. accidental deletion or malware) is relatively easy to process. Damage to the circuit and drive is more difficult. In any case, we offer you very competitive rates.
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How do you recover data from NVR systems?

NVR systems usually run on Linux-based systems. There are proven techniques that can be applied to the logical deletion of data to recreate it. If it is a hardware issue we attempt a repair that allows us to transfer data out of the storage medium. 

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DVR vs NVR, which one is better?

Both are video recording systems. In a DVR, recording happens through an analog camera that is stored in the hard drive by using cables. In an NVR the capture is through digital cameras and it is connected to the NVR by an IP (that uses Wifi or POE system). NVR is more advanced and can be completely wireless. 

Can hackers access NVR systems?

Usually, NVR systems are set up to run on a subnet (a local intranet). Unless the subnet connects to the internet the risk of hackers is minimal. But that does not mean it is non-existent. 

Can you recover data from any NVR brand?

Yes, we can confidently work on any type of NVR system and retrieve data from it without compromising quality. 


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Stellar has helped us in the recovery of data. Almost 80% of our data is recovered and done in a very timely manner. Thank you so much stellar data recovery for such an amazing response.

Shreyans Rathi
5 Star Rating 5/5

Stellar Data Recovery, exceeded all expectations with their swift, professional service. Their expert team restored my lost data efficiently, providing exceptional customer support throughout. I highly recommend their services for any data recovery needs.

Abhishek Sachidanandan
5 Star Rating 5/5

Thanks a lot, Stellar Data Recovery Team. especially thank you so much Shreyasha. All Data was about to be lost, but we got all data back again only for Stellar Data Recovery - Kolkata skills. Shreyasha has been assisting us a lot, till the data handover. As well as they have behavior is much more polite. I always recommend if need all data recovery, just call Shreyasha(stellar) she will guide you very well.

Quick Solution
5 Star Rating 5/5

My HDD is not detecting due to some issue. I came around a Google search and some Quora answers that recommended Stellar. I filled out a requisition form on their website and everything else just fell into place. What impressed me most was their daily and timely updates regarding recovery. Reply to emails was prompt, and customer support was excellent. All in all, a great experience.

Kapil Dev
5 Star Rating 5/5

Recently, our portable hard disk stopped as it fell down. We showed it to the local ITI guys, but nothing worked. After that, we came to know about stellar data recovery, and we approached them. With their genuine and professional services, in a few days, we got our valuable data back. We appreciate their great services and big thanks for making it possible for us.

Bright Stone
5 Star Rating 5/5

Stellar did an unbelievable task by recovering my 900+ GB data from my 14-year-old Seagate 1TB external hard drive which was totally non-functioning for the last 1 year and was tried by different technicians to recover the data. In the Stellar Kolkata office, I was guided from the very beginning by Ms. Rimi Dey till the end and also got immense support and help from Ms Sashi Mishra. I also like to thank the whole Stellar team including Mr. Sumon Das who took all the trouble to pick up my old hard drive from my place to the Stellar office. It is indeed a precious gift to me as they bring back the good old memories in front of you, which you never hope to see again. So thanks again and best of luck.

Rajarshi Banerjee
5 Star Rating 5/5

No one can do better such data recovery tasks than a Stellar team. Keep up the good work.

Highly professional team and environment. Definitely recommended.

 Anil Narang
5 Star Rating 5/5

I am a Kolkata photographer and I had recently lost all my data from my SD card in the middle of the shoot. Then I came across Stellar from Google and sent my card to them. I had no hope but thanks to them and Shashi Ji's support most of my data was recovered.

 Disha Gupta
5 Star Rating 5/5

Thank you, Rimi Dey & Sumon Das for the time and effort you put into everything you do! You both are always responsible and strive to complete your work well and on time. It is very appreciated that your organization's dedication and contributions are truly appreciated. Your commitment has made a positive impact.

5 Star Rating 5/5

Best data recovery services in Chandigarh thanks team for recovering my important data from Pen drive which was not detected before due to some issue. Fully appreciated the data recovery service.

5 Star Rating 5/5