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Get The Best NVR Data Recovery Service

NVR devices have become common in every business establishment and store. They record and store hours of critical footage. Data loss from such devices happens often due to physical damage, high temperature, equipment failure, and lack of maintenance. Our team of experts can recover data from NVR without any loss of quality. We use proprietary methods that do not affect the integrity of the footage. 

In case of failure do not attempt recovery yourself since it can cause permanent deletion of valuable data. We carry out our operations in a Class 100 Clean Room where professionals with decades of collective experience work on your NVR. 

footage loss due to power spike

Hard Drive Failure 

NVR systems store data on hard drives and SSDs. These can fail due to end-of-life issues and other factors. We specialise in restoring data contained in failed storage mediums. Whatever type of hard drive your device uses, we can recover data from NVR. 

NVR Power related issues


Power spikes can damage NVR devices. Constant under voltage and line disturbance can also affect equipment. Circuit boards and components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated circuits can burn out causing disruption.

NVR Physical Damage

Physical Damage 

The NVR system might have suffered physical damage. It could have been dropped from a height or moisture may have entered the device enclosure. If the device stops working, our experts can restore the data without loss of quality. 

NVR accidental deletion

Accidental deletion

Maintenance staff might accidentally delete data. This is known as logical deletion and can be undone as long as there is no overwriting. Shut down the device immediately and we shall bring the data back to life. 

NVR Failure Usual Scenarios 

Stellar Provides Data Recovery from NVR In Every Situation  

NVR systems can fail due to a variety of reasons. In our experience, these are the usual cases. In each of these situations, we can restore the footage perfectly. We have been part of data recovery since 1993 and use the latest tools and technology to bring your device back from dead. 

NVR Software Corruption

Software Corruption 

NVR systems rely on firmware, a type of mini-OS. Firmware corruption is common at the time of upgrade if it doesn't happen carefully. Lack of firmware can prevent the NVR from working as it should. Do not install fresh firmware again and again. 

NVR Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure 

Many NVR systems use hard disk drives. These use a mechanical system with a motor and a magnetised platter. The motor might fail or the read-write head could get stuck causing damage to the platter. Unplug the device carefully and send it to us for NVR Data Recovery. 

NVR Water Damage

Water Damage 

Water is the No. 1 enemy of electronics. Moisture can accumulate on the inside and cause the device to short circuit. Do not attempt to open and repair it yourself. It would cause further damage. Seek our advice straightaway to recover data from NVR. 

NVR file corruption

File System Corruption

The metadata on the video files could have been erased due to malware and other reasons. The data is there but cannot be read by conventional means. Our NVR Data Recovery team can restore it easily and provide you a perfect copy. 

CCTV-NVR Brands   

We Provide NVR Data Recovery From Every Global And Local Brand  

We have enormous experience in data retrieval from any and all types of devices. Our lab is well known globally for its efficiency and know-how. No matter what has happened to your NVR and the brand we promise that our NVR Data Recovery attempt will be by far superior. We handle all global brands including Amcrest® Dahua®,  Panasonic®,  Sony® Annke®,  D-Link® and others.

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Don't see your NVR brand listed? Don't worry; Stellar® can recover footage from NVR of any type or brand.

Recognised As The Best NVR Data Recovery Service

Stellar® NVR Recovery Service

Stellar provides recovery of data from NVR hardware that has been damaged, or suffered logical deletion of data. We offer services for everyone - from Fortune 500 corporations to neighbourhood stores. Our service is highly affordable and we aim to satisfy every customer. 

CCTV Footage Recovery

Highly Reliable NVR Data Recovery Service 

  • Recover data from NVR footage of any format MP4, AVI, MOV, WEBM, AVCHD. 
  • Use with any type of NVR - Wifi or POE.
  • Retrieve recordings regardless of brand and model. 
  • Superb track record of over 25 years. 
  • Brilliant success rate of 80% and more. 
  • An ISO 9001 - 27001 certified enterprise with matchless R&D. 

NVR Data Recovery Services: FAQs Answers

What is the cost of recovering data from NVR?

It depends on the type of data loss and the amount of data. Logical data loss (e.g. accidental deletion or malware) is relatively easy to process. Damage to the circuit and drive is more difficult. In any case, we offer you very competitive rates.
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How do you recover data from NVR systems?

NVR systems usually run on Linux-based systems. There are proven techniques that can be applied to the logical deletion of data to recreate it. If it is a hardware issue we attempt a repair that allows us to transfer data out of the storage medium. 

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DVR vs NVR, which one is better?

Both are video recording systems. In a DVR, recording happens through an analog camera that is stored in the hard drive by using cables. In an NVR the capture is through digital cameras and it is connected to the NVR by an IP (that uses Wifi or POE system). NVR is more advanced and can be completely wireless. 

Can hackers access NVR systems?

Usually, NVR systems are set up to run on a subnet (a local intranet). Unless the subnet connects to the internet the risk of hackers is minimal. But that does not mean it is non-existent. 

Can you recover data from any NVR brand?

Yes, we can confidently work on any type of NVR system and retrieve data from it without compromising quality. 


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When I entered in there office, I was completely frustrated with the horrific event I had to face in my life for the first time that is data loss from my external hard drive that got dropped by mistake from a place of considerable height and stopped working. I had no backup of the data at all. After the incident, I tried all YouTube Video suggestions for about 15 days but failed. My drive traveled through various highly experienced technicians from all the big cities of Gujarat and Mumbai for 6 months. All of them failed and I had lost faith by that time that I would ever get my data in the future.

Finally, one of my relatives provided me with the address and contact details of Stellar. I must say that Ms. Disha and Mr. Manish responded very quickly and I was really convinced to visit the Ashram Road Office on the same day. When I reached there, I was welcomed and attended to very positively by both of them. I was helped at every point in case of registration, payment, my doubts, and queries. They made my frustration almost zero by discussing the success stories of the company as well.

During my waiting period of three weeks almost, they responded to my every call very politely and provided me updates promptly and satisfactorily. After they received the data from the head office, they immediately allowed me to visit the office and get my data transferred to my device. I congratulate Stellar for recovering my 75% data and that was really a commendable job. Both of them were extremely cooperative on that day as well. I felt homely rather than sitting in a corporate office.

Finally, I would like to say that Stellar is the best data recovery destination in India having world-class scientists, engineers, and facilities as well as extremely congenial, cooperative, and well-mannered management staff that reverts your horrific event of data loss into the feelings of being blessed and overjoyed by returning you the most valuable memories, documents, creations, secrets and hard work of your life with complete confidentiality. A wow experience indeed!

I am really grateful to Ms. Disha and Mr. Manish for making my Stellar experience so friendly, joyful, and successful.

Dr Nishant Joshi

Dr Nishant Joshi

5 Star Rating Nov 17, 2022

I had a great experience coming to Stellar in Nehru Place, they expedite my process of data recovery cause I was on a deadline. It was a very smooth experience and I got my all data recovery in 2 days. Highly recommended when the situation gets tough.

Mrinal Peter

Mrinal Peter

5 Star Rating Nov 02, 2022

Excellent data recovery service provided by stellar. I’m satisfied with my recovered data. Thank you Stellar for the wonderful job.

Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan

5 Star Rating Nov 02, 2022

A lot of Thanks for recovering the Hard disk. It is not just the Hard disk but it is a window to see my past memories good or bad whatsoever. I just went through the recovered Hard disk today and got emotional after seeing the past memories.

Without your expertise, it may not be possible to recover the same. Most of the data has been recovered. I'm fully satisfied with the data recovery services provided by Stellar and I will surely recommend your services.

Again a lot of Thanks to Ankita Mukherjee for coordinating till the end and wish you a prosperous future ahead. And Thank you Stellar for all the hard work.

Amritlal Prajapati

Amritlal Prajapati

5 Star Rating Nov 01, 2022

First of all, thank you very much for your work, we do not have words to describe the working style of your organization, but still, it is very good. Due to the satisfactory work done by your organization, our valuable data has become available to us. Thanks a lot again for this. If your organization is needed in the future, we will take your cooperation again.



5 Star Rating Oct 22, 2022

Awesome customer management and service, I'm fully satisfied with their services. Thank you Stellar for bringing back my lost data.



5 Star Rating Oct 19, 2022

I have a laptop drive (320GB), but my hard drive got crashed and I was very upset about it as my all GST billing details were not found then I connected with stellar and talked to Sashi mam. She guides me properly and thank God, I have received my all data. I am very happy. Thanks to Stellar team for all the hard work and I will surely recommend your services.

Shankar Das

Shankar Das

5 Star Rating Oct 12, 2022

An excellent Job was done by the Stellar team in recovering data from SDXC. Special thanks to Ms.Shameem Sultana!!

Datta Shirke

Datta Shirke

5 Star Rating Oct 03, 2022

Stellar data recovery provides excellent service. I'm fully satisfied with my data recovery. thank you Stellar.

Mohit Anand

Mohit Anand

5 Star Rating Oct 03, 2022

I almost lost my Data from my laptop HDD, when I tried to open my drive I can see my drive path was unallocated, I was a bit worried and tense trying to do everything but was not able to resolve the issue, I got suggestions from my friends and tried all but the issue persistent finally I heard about Stellar which is located in Salt Lake I called customer care and had a conversation with Ms. Sashi Mishra madam, she was very patient and assured me to not Panic, we will try to recover all your data just come to us and the next day I went there and submitted the HDD next day, I followed up Sashi Madam, she assured me that 70 to 80 percentage of the data is recoverable and believe me I was thrilled, Received My Internal HDD Verified all my data, Thank you Stellar for your quick response and Big Thank you to Sashi Madam for her Support. Thank you Stellar.

Suman Rao

Suman Rao

5 Star Rating Sep 29, 2022