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SSD Dismantling Service for Businesses and Individuals

Outdated SSDs can still be source critical information and subject to unauthorized access. Enterprises and individuals can utilize Stellar SSD Dismantling and Data Wiping Services to permanently destroy stored data along with the SSD. We use specialized equipment and techniques that ensure your data is not recoverable by any means and the SSD cannot be used further. Our SSD dismantling & data destruction service is 100% safe, secure and certified. Once we dismantle your SSD it cannot be reused to store data or access any data stored on it.

Destroy SSD

Destroy ‘End of LIFE’ SSD

Stellar SSD dismantling services completely destroys end-of-life SSDs. The data destruction process removes all chips of SSD where data is stored, making it impossible to access or recover drive’s data.

Remove SSD Data Permanently

Remove Data Permanently

Our SSD data wiping experts erase your data forever beyond the scope of recovery. Reach out to our professional, if you are looking for a reliable service to destroy end-of-life data permanently from your SSDs.

Destroy SSD Component

Comprehensive Data Destruction

Completely destroy every electronic component of SSD such as flash memory chips which are used to store data. Even when your SSD is physically damaged, we can destroy your data permanently.

SD dismantling certificate

Certified Destruction of SSD

Our certified SSD dismantling services ensure obsolete or trash SSD is physically destroyed in a way that no software or technique can recover and misuse its sensitive data.


Why You Need SSD Dismantling Services

Significantly faster and durable SSDs are used to enhance performance of computers. However, as every storage device has a life span, SSD too can fail or stop working over a period of time. To protect data stored on end-of-life SSD from falling into wrong hands, it is necessary to destroy it permanently. A professional SSD dismantling service makes sure your SSD is physically dismantled in a manner that data along with the drive becomes completely unusable and inaccessible. Our SSD destruction services safeguard your data privacy, by ensuring sensitive information is destroyed using the global data erasure standards. 

destroy SSD Data

Device End-of-Life

When you do not want your SSD to be used further and get rid of sensitive or confidential information stored on it, choose to destroy your SSD comprehensively. This safeguards your data privacy and prevents any kind of data breach.

non working SSD dismantling

Data Destruction from Non-Working SSD

SSD dismantling and permanent device destruction services is necessary for failed or non-working SSD. This is because data wiping software are not absolutely effective on non-working SSDs. Hence, choose an SSD dismantling service that guarantees secure data destruction.

Stellar SSD dismantling services

End-of-life Data Destruction

You may not need your old data, because you already have a backup or there is no further use of SSD. In such cases trust Stellar SSD dismantling services that give you complete peace of mind with their safe and certified data destruction services.

data wiping compliance

Compliance Requirement

A safe and secure data wiping along with device destruction is often necessary for audit and compliance purpose. At Stellar get professional and certified SSD destruction services to meet the compliance requirement of your company. 

Data Leakage Report

7 out of 10 Devices are Vulnerable to Personal Data Leakage

Stellar conducted the world’s largest known lab study on 311 old devices comprising, hard drives, memory cards, and mobile phones, to ascertain the plausibility of residual data on them. The study revealed, 71% of the used devices contained Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive business and personal data. This systematic study presents empirical evidence on the risks of data breach while disposing off used devices.


SSD Dismantling of All Makes and Models

We offer SSD dismantling services for all types of SSD, regardless of their make and model. Our end-to-end SSD dismantling service pans from free pickup to managing the dismantled parts of SSD. Plus, you get a certificate of data wiping and SSD destruction, once the SSD dismantling and data destruction is successfully completed.

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Our Service Advantage

SSD Dismantling Service Privacy Ensured

Stellar SSD Dismantling Service is 100% safe and secure. Throughout the SSD dismantling and data destruction process, we maintain a strict adherence to ISO standards for ensuring the confidentiality, security, privacy of your data.

Stellar SSD Dismantling Service

Professional SSD Dismantling Service

  • Safe, secure and certified 
  • Data destructions by experts
  • Meets all global standards of SSD destruction
  • 100% data privacy ensured
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization
  • Provides certificate of SSD dismantle


SSD Data Destruction Service at your Convenience

You may have different requirements based on urgency, budget, and convenience. Whether you want to destroy SSD data on urgent basis or want a budget-friendly option, we have customized plans to suit your needs.


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