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  • Dec 14, 2021

Views on Cyber Security by Sunil Chandana

Video Transcription

The last two years for India were amazing, it changed how we as citizens and small businesses and organizations communicated, collaborated how we banked, how we enjoyed, how we socially connected with our friends, family and our network. This was of course amplified by COVID, but looking a step behind you would see the foundations were laid by the digital India platform that was created by government of India and further amplified by the payments revolution. This of course is awesome we're creating huge amount of data we are able to enjoy our lives better without having to leave to comfort our homes. And like the world we are part of the huge 33 zeta byte data that's being created every year but this is not stopping here and expected to grow five-fold in the next five years.

One thing that needs to be taken care of by all of us is that, we have been left behind in terms of data security awareness and the precautions that we're taking to protect ourselves from our precious data. It could be lost, it could be compromised or it could go into the wrong hands and causes personal misery, financial damages and deeper losses. At Stellar, last year itself we were inundated with thousands of requests from corporations, consumers and small businesses. They requested to help them bail out from sudden data loss incidents. They were of course those traditional challenges of hard drive crashes natural disasters. We still had floods, we had cases of fire but what was the biggest change were ransomware malware cases.

There was a huge growth there and people almost assumed that they would not have to deal with separation with their data and this caused a lot of distress. It's unfortunate that in some cases where state actors are involved the chances of recovering back data are limited, however many other cases people have been lucky. So the biggest challenge that happens after such a data loss incident is your life comes to a standstill.