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  • Oct 07, 2021

Stellar® Server Data Recovery Service in India

Video Transcription

Lost crucial data from the blade server, the backbone of your organization and now facing business continuity issue. Different unpredictable reasons because of hard drive or drive failure often cause degradation in blade server and attempt to replace the faulty drive and further rebuilding sometimes result in the inaccessibility of data. Stuck with this situation, rest assured, Stellar® experienced experts helped to recover data from all types of data loss situations and blade servers of any make or brand including HPE®, IBM®, DELL®, EMC®, NetApp®, Barracuda® and Netgear® etc.

Stellar® experts make a safe clone of all working drives onto new hard drives. Hard drives with physical failure restored by techniques such as head transplantation in Steller's exclusive class 100 clean room environment and then a clone is prepared. Blade server manufacturers deploy proprietary techniques over raid technology to build redundancy and data safety.

Data is sliced and stored across several drives along with recovery patterns. This complex mechanism usually works well to ensure data availability across the organization. However sometimes due to more than one drive failure or else any other hardware failure data salvaging becomes very challenging. Our experts scan all of the drives together to discover data organization parameters including stripe size, parity flow, etc.

Based on these parameters our R&D experts develop customized software that stimulates the rate controller card configuration to virtually produce a single storage system having consistent data. Finally file system or encryption issues are resolved and data extraction is completed. Stellar® helps you to reclaim lost data from the blade server and get your business back on track.

Stellar Data Recovery