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  • Dec 08, 2021

Stellar® Data Recovery Process Video

Video Transcription

The data recovery at stellar is done in four simple steps. 

First Step: Free Phone Consultation 

After receiving the customer request our data recovery consultant connects with them to understand their data recovery needs and then explain the analysis process.

Second Step: Media Analysis 

Upon fulfilling terms of analysis the customer needs to submit their media in respective branch labs for careful examination by stellar data recovery experts. On the basis of their evaluation a media analysis report com quotation is shared with the customer. Informing them of the type of problem, the estimated time, recovery probability and the applicable charges.

Third Step: Data Recovery 

Post customer confirmation and submission of requisite inputs stellar's data saviors initiate data recovery process in either the respective branch lab or in the specialized class 100 clean room lab, depending upon the complexity of the case. After data recovery a directory list is shared with the customer for Verification.

Fourth Step: Final Delivery 

Post customer verification and term settlement, the recovered data is delivered to the customer. Stellar assures timely and accurate data recovery maintaining strict confidentiality, get your data recovered in four simple steps and rejoice.