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  • Oct 08, 2021

Stellar® Tape Data Recovery Service in India

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Most organizations, through their decades of operations, have relied upon Tape as a robust and cost-effective medium to archive their legacy data.

However, Data loss in tape media can happen due to entangled tape media, failed tape libraries, cartridge mechanism failure, and damages caused by dust, heat or moisture.

Are you Storing all your organization back up data in tape and now facing a data loss situation from these tapes?

Do not worry!

Stellar® tape recovery experts help you recover data from all types of magnetic tape storage media including QIC, DAT, DDS 3, Mammoth 2, Super DLT, LTO-1 to LTO-9, SAIT. Several generations of tape storage technology innovations by different manufacturers make salvaging data complex and use of varied techniques.  

Tapes by design are very fragile and we handle this issue with extreme care. Indigenous apparatus and proprietary techniques help us unspool the tape safely. Stellar recovery experts then use specialized tape drive readers to extract and clone the archived data in a readable format, facilitating data recovery.

We understand your inherent need for data privacy and confidentiality; Stellar’s ISO 27001 certified process assures complete peace of mind for data security.

With Stellar®, you can rest assured as you get best-in-class data recovery from any type of tape media.