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To successfully recover the lost data from a failed RAID 1 server


Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery Chennai center who:
  • used the Image file
  • isolated the bad sectors and worked on the good sectors of the hard drive


  • Restored the failed RAID 1 server
  • Retrieved Accounting and other spreadsheets, Critical and Confidential documents from the D drive of the hard disk


Successfully Recover the Lost Data from Failed RAID 1 Server

Chennai based a leading non-profit institute that hones the skills of the aspiring youth into organizational leaders globally.

Administrative Challenge

The client employed the RAID level 1 server which is ideal in preventing data loss in case of HDD failure. It was created by using SAS drive (ST9600205SS; SN: 6XR1CPM1) which had a capacity of 600 GB. This fairly large size capacity would secure its integral documents that consisted of Accounting and other spreadsheets, Critical and Confidential documents, etc.

Recently, the IT administrator observed that while booting the Windows Server 2008 OS, they could not detect the 600 GB hard disk from the SAS drive. This, therefore, led to data loss.

All that the Administrator wanted now was a quick and fast recovery of the RAID 1 hard drive data so as to restore all the enclosed data.


The Administrator was well aware that the issue could not be fixed in-house as there were bad sectors in the hard disk making the data stored within it inaccessible. Therefore, they contacted our Stellar Data Recovery Chennai center with the hope of a speedy data recovery. 

The representative at the Stellar Data Recovery Chennai center lent a patient ear to the IT administrator.  As the IT administrator brought along the failed RAID 1 hard disk, the representative took the failed HDD for the primary analysis.

On analysis, it was detected that the Windows Server 2008 OS could not be booted due to bad sectors existing in the hard disk.


Stellar Data Recovery made the first attempt to recover data by processing the image file, which was interrupted because of the existing bad sectors on the hard disk. This challenge had to be overcome to complete the data recovery process.


To overcome this challenge that was causing a hindrance in the process of recovering data from failed hard disk i.e. the HDD with bad sectors, Stellar Data Recovery noted the point that was causing interruption and skipped those bad sectors and continued with remaining sectors (good sectors). The process involved scanning the Image file, finding the lost partition, checking the file whether it was working in the header area and then recovering the entire data. Finally, the data recovery process was successfully completed, and the healthy Hard Drive was handed over to the client. 

After verifying the recovered data from the damaged hard disk of RAID server, the client was very happy as all the lost and inaccessible Accounting and other spreadsheets, Critical and Confidential documents, etc. from the ‘Accounts folder’ of the D drive of the damaged HDD was recovered.

He was highly elated by the results!