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Overview of Data Loss Situation

The failure of a hard disk in their RAID array has put Hyderabad-based building construction company SVS Projects India Private Limited in a precarious predicament. This made important corporate data inaccessible, such as project files, financial records, and customer information. As a result, the organization is facing challenges related to project schedule extensions and missed deadlines, endangering its whole business operations. The vital company functions are significantly at risk due to the compromised access to financial data. It is necessary to act quickly in order to retrieve the data and lessen the negative effects on SVS Projects India Private Limited, thereby restoring their operational effectiveness and protecting vital business components.

RAID server Details:
Model - HPE Proliant server
Raid configuration - RAID 1
RAID controller - HPE Smart HBA H240
Issue/Error - Both hard disk physical drive showing failed hard drive error

Critical Challenges in Recovering Data

The HPE Proliant server data recovery case faced significant obstacles when trying to retrieve the data. Due to the non-operational condition of both hard disk drives (HDDs), a cautious approach was required. Both the hard drives were physically damaged which needs to open the and replace the necessary spares in a Class 100 clean room in order to make the drives accessible again. It was then crucial to make images of both HDDs in order to recover the data. But things got more complicated when the RAID that was created from the copied media turned out to include corrupted and unusable SQL files. This was a significant obstacle because SQL files are essential to database operation. The complex task of fixing the corrupted SQL files required the experience of SQL data recovery specialists in order to overcome this obstacle. Technical accuracy was not the only prerequisite for this intricate recovery method.

Stellar Approach & Solution for Data Retrieval

Our experts at Stellar Data Recovery handled severe corruption in the SQL database files as part of the recovery procedure. They were able to successfully fix the difficulties, guaranteeing that all of the data tables could be retrieved. Beyond SQL files, Stellar's experience included recovering other types of data, such as MS Office files. Amazingly, a 100% success rate in data recovery was attained, allaying the client's worries and providing them with joy and relief when their vital business data was fully restored.

Results and Outcomes

Nearly 100% essential data was recovered as required by customer to make his operational process work again.

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