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Overview of Data Loss Episode

We were contacted by a well-known pharmaceutical company in Delhi that needed help right away. The company's server was infected with the Black Bit Ransomware, posing a serious threat. The situation required quick attention since crucial financial data and vital business activities were in jeopardy. The customer made an effort to get in touch with the hacker, but they never heard back, which made the situation more urgent. This case study reveals the difficulties the organization faced and provides insight into the tactical actions taken to free their data from the Black Bit Ransomware, ultimately protecting the business's crucial operations and financial integrity. Our committed team dug into the nuances of the attack to bring these details to light. This instance not only highlights the changing difficulties posed by ransomware assaults, but also highlights our commitment to delivering effective solutions in the face of adversity.

Drive Details:- 
Manufacturer and Drive Type: - WD Desktop Hard Drive
Capacity: - 1 TB
Model No: - WD10EZE08WN4A0

Critical Challenges in Recovering Data

Our customer had significant difficulty in recovering its data after a ransomware assault that affected billing backups and interfered with essential operations like sales, orders, and payments. The timely delivery of medications to hospitals was negatively impacted by the encryption of vital databases, especially the Marg database. As talks with the attackers turned out to be untrustworthy, the situation grew more complex, and the technical team was left to deal with the challenging work of recovery.

The customer was informed by the technical team that an extensive recovery was highly unlikely due to the ransomware attack's indiscriminate encryption of important databases and files. The team told the client that a complete recovery could not be guaranteed, acknowledging the gravity and complexity of the case. At a pivotal point in the decision-making process, the customer showed resilience by acknowledging the reality and providing permission to recover whatever data was salvageable. They understood the complexities and difficulties associated with the recovery procedure. This case study explores the complex issues that arose during the recovery process and the tactical choices that were made to lessen the effects on business operations and client relationships.

Recovered data from server - Black Bit Ransomware

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Stellar Approach & Solution for Data Retrieval

The deployment of our highly skilled Research and Development (R&D) team was required due to the tremendous challenge of a server breakdown. Aware of how serious the issue was, the team started a laborious manual recovery operation, carefully going over each Marg database and document file. Making use of their wealth of experience, the team estimates that it will take at least one week to fully retrieve data from the Marg databases of about eight different organizations, along with the related documents. This project demonstrates the breadth of our team's technological expertise and dedication to addressing complex problems, guaranteeing the recovery of vital business data for our clients. The interdisciplinary strategy and commitment of our R&D specialists highlight our capacity to negotiate and triumph over the most difficult situations in the data world.

Step by Step process for Manual file Repair

  1. Initial Inspection of Corrupted Databases
    A corrupted database that was obtained on a physical hard disk was repaired by Stellar Data Recovery using a two-tier manual database repair solution.
    a.    Our specialists' first examination established the extent of corruption, the likelihood of manual file repair, the processes involved in manual file repair, and the approximate duration of the repair process. 
    b.    Severe corruption was found during the inspection, proving that software-based repair would not be sufficient on its own. 
    c.    As a result, our experts decided that manual repairs needed to be made to the corrupted database that held the original data, which would prolong the time for data recovery
  2. Manual Repair of corrupted databases 
    Our profesional team started working as soon as the time and data recovery protocols were approved. The compromised database was safely installed on a separate stand-alone computer under the strict supervision of qualified accounting database repair specialists. Accounting database was successfully repaired, which made it easier to use our specialized software to retrieve the original data. However, the software had trouble reading and recovering data that had really severe contamination. Our professionals expertly modified the software to address these problems and successfully recovered the data from the highly affected tables.

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Completion of Data Recovery

Nearly 80% of the data was successfully recovered by our hardworking Research & Development team, much to the customer's pleasure. This result demonstrates our dedication to efficient data recovery and client satisfaction with our specialist services.