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Located at Chennai privately owned company of Integrated Services.


To successfully recover MS Office, audio, and video files from the 2TB SATA hard drive.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai for perfect recovery of 2TB SATA hard drive.


  • Recovered MS Office, audio, and video files of the client at work.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered MS Office Files, Audios and videos from SATA Hard Drive

An unlisted private company that was incorporated in October 19, 2016. Also classified as a non-government company, and registered at Registrar of Companies, Chennai. The authorized share capital and paid up capital is Rs. 1,000,000 and Rs. 100,000 respectively.

Challenge faced

The client stored all his data in a 2TB SATA hard drive with Model Number ST2000LM003 and Serial Number S362J9FG985612. The operating system that the drive ran was Windows. He was able to access all the data items until the day his system began to freeze.

The challenge that he started facing was that he was not able to access the existing data. Each time he tried to access the stored data, the system would hang and remain in that condition for quite some time. However, it was quite significant for him to get back all his data as it contained important MS Office files, audios, and videos.

“My system that has a hard drive of 2TB is continuously hanging, and thus I am not able to access the data saved on it. Now, all that I wish is to get a 100% sure shot HDD recovery service. With this, I guess I will be able to access all my data that are MS Office files, audios, and videos.”

The only outcome that the client wanted to regain access to all his data. Looking for a solution online, he chanced upon Stellar Data Recovery, an industry expert in Data Recovery, Data Migration and Data Erasure, which showed excellent user reviews. 


The approach that the client took was that he checked-in to our Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai Service Centre with the affected drive that ran on Windows Operating System. Also, the centre was closely located to the client’s workplace.
On meeting the executive at our Centre, he voiced out his concern about the hard drive data recovery that kept on freezing due to which he could not access his documents such as MS Office, audio, and video files. As the data in the hard drive was critical, the client needed a quick recovery; the executive assured him of a successful recovery.   
This convinced the client and he handed over his drive to the executive, who, in turn, handed it over to the data recovery professionals at the Service Center.   

The professionals examined the drive and diagnosed the drive. They observed that the drive showed slow head reading and bad sectors. It was due to these two issues that the system was in a hang state, thereby, restricting access to users’ data. Therefore, it was a challenge for us to rectify the issue in the drive and recover the required data.

With the assistance of our professionals who were educated and skilled, we were sure to recover data from the damaged drive successfully and without any issue.      

“Stellar Data Recovery - Chennai has an appropriate infrastructure and a well-qualified team of experts for hard drive data recovery. Thus, approaching it for HDD recovery is the best step.”


The experts at the Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai Service Center made an image of the drive in the reverse mode. This process skipped the bad sectors of the drive and, in this way, the process of making an image of the drive was completed in a few days.  

Further, in the image file, the experts started to analyze the Master Boot Record (MBR) and boot sectors to check if all the sectors were present. In doing so, they found that all the good sectors were present in the image file without any loss. Finally, they recovered the data that the client had asked to recover.

On recovery of all the data that the client had lost access to, he got delighted and then continued with his office task. He praised Stellar Data Recovery’s exemplary services for HDD data recovery.

“I am extremely satisfied with the data recovery services that I received from the professionals of Stellar Data Recovery – Chennai Service Center.”



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