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CLIENT - Cognizant Technologies Solutions India Pvt. Ltd


Cognizant Technologies Solutions is a leading IT services provider


To efficiently recover files (pst, excel, word) from the client's SSD


After implementing some manual steps, the client approached Stellar data recovery service center - Chennai


Stellar data recovery team was able to recover all the necessary files from the SSD.


Stellar successfully recovered client's SSD data

One of the global leaders in business and technology services, Cognizant Technologies Solutions India Pvt. Ltd enable its clients to deliver exceptional business outcomes owing to its innovative and efficient business processes.  

 problem faced by the client

Cognizant Technologies Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. faced an unexpected situation. The client had an SSD (Drive type and manufacturer - SSD /MZ-7TD2560/SERIAL NO: S17LNSAF202677) with the storage capacity of 256GB and it was not detected by the client’s laptop.

As a result, the client was unable to access the data stored on the SSD. The SSD contained all the critical documents related to work, PowerPoint files, excel, word files, some personal files and so on and so forth. Unable to access those files was a deadlock, as the client was not able to perform his daily tasks.

Being technical savvy, the client attempted a few workarounds such as assigning a new letter to the SSD, restarting the laptop, checked the drive’s SMART attributes, but was of no use.


Given the importance of the data stored on the SSD, the client needed to act quickly and swiftly to get the access back. In the quest of finding a reliable solution, the client did some analysis and approached Stellar Data Recovery Service Center – Chennai.


The client came directly to the Stellar Data Recovery Service Center - Chennai and narrated his ordeal. He was worried about the confidentiality of the data stored on the SSD and about the efficiency of our data recovery services. He requested the Stellar team that he wanted to have access to this files on a priority as he had to deliver an important presentation to his board of directors.

After analyzing the client’s situation, the representative requested him to submit the drive and assured him of 100% data recovery without compromising on data integrity.


After receiving a nod from the client, the data recovery team checked the client’s SSD to find out that the issue was due to bad sectors. For SSD recovery, the data recovery team created an image of it by using the proprietary software followed by cloning the SSD. After completely creating the image of the SSD, the team further analyzed the sectors in the file system and MBR and performed data recovery from the created image.

Once the process was complete, the data recovery experts recovered all the necessary files and further checked that recovered files were in a working state and were accessible.


As the client was assured of complete data recovery, that’s exactly what we delivered. To examine our results, the client checked all his data personally and was extremely satisfied. The client thanked the Stellar Data Recovery team for their effort and time, and left on a happy note!