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Located in Coimbatore based manufacturer and exporter Rice mill machinery, color sorter, and grain color sorter machines, etc.


To successfully recover the lost document files from HGST hard disk drive.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore for hard drive recovery.


  • Successfully recover the database files that had all the valuable data of the company.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered documents, files and software from HGST Hard Drive

Located in Coimbatore, a manufacturer and exporter of camera-based sorters or machines for a multitude of industries such as Food, Automobiles, and other manufacturing industries.  

Since establishment, the company is engaged in manufacturing and export of machinery suited for a wide range of industries and has now become a leader in the field. It caters to industries all across India, especially those located in the southern states of the Indian subcontinent.  


The client used a 2.5” HGST hard disk drive (Model No.:  HTS545050A7E380, Serial No.: TF35VN2P) with 500GB data storage capacity. The challenge faced by the client was that the media (HDD) running Windows operating system was being detected but the partitions on the drive were not showing up. This led to the loss of all data saved on the laptop’s drive.
On facing such a situation, the client’s representative wished for a complete recovery of all data especially the valuable document files and software. In fact, he required a standard HDD data recovery service.

“I cannot use my company laptop as its hard drive has become damaged. Although it is being detected, yet its partitions are not showing up. I guess it is due to the bad sectors on the drive. Nonetheless, all that I need at this point is an effective hard drive data recovery service instantly so that I can get back the access to all my data”

Also, the representative of the client was concerned about the privacy of the data that he had saved on his drive. Therefore, he was looking for a data recovery service provider who could ensure full proof recovery without leaving any scope for data leakage.   


In the quest for effective data recovery, the representative of the client did an extensive research for a service provider that would not only be closely located but is also an efficient and world-class HDD data recovery service provider. As a result of this search, he came across Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore that was in the same city where his company was located. This was convenient for him. He visited our Coimbatore Service Centre with his 500GB drive instantly and expressed his concerns about the privacy of data.

On arrival, the executive at our Service Centre lent an attentive ear to the client’s representative while taking the laptop’s hard drive in charge. The representative of the client voiced out his concern that the media is getting detected but the partitions are not showing up because of bad sectors in it. Also, as the disk read/write heads were moving slowly, therefore, there was a delay in transforming the magnetic field of the platter into the electrical current or vice versa.

Through this, the executive became well aware of the expectations of the representative from company and assured him that their in-house professionals would successfully recover his lost document files and software.

Next, the representative gave a green nod to the experts for starting the Hard Drive Data Recovery process without hassle. To accomplish the same, the professionals of our Stellar Data Recovery-Coimbatore branch attempted to take an image of the drive as the first step.


As a foremost step of the hard drive recovery process, a partial image of the drive was taken from the defective media that got completed in 4 days. Next, the scanning process was performed on completion of which all the partitions got displayed. With this, all lost or deleted data got easily recovered from the found partitions.

“The cutting-edge techniques and tools employed by experts resulted in successful external hard drive recovery”

With this, the representative of company was intimated about the HDD recovery.  He came to the branch and, upon validation, observed that all his data was recovered. He was elated by the results.

 “Stellar Data Recovery - Coimbatore came to my rescue and recovered the document files and all the software that were lost. I am extremely delighted”

He then expressed his gratitude –

I am thankful to Stellar Data Recovery - Coimbatore Branch who recovered all my lost or deleted data document files and software in a short span of time”



Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Stellar® Data Recovery lab and recovery services are fully operational to serve your needs. You can avail our Online Remote Data Recovery Service. Stellar® encourages you to avail our free courier pick up service to submit your damaged media devices for data recovery