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Faizabad-based Car dealer and service center


To successfully recover the lost data from a failed RAID 0 server


  • Utilized RAID 0 manual recovery methods in-house
  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery Nehru Place center who employed the ‘advanced scan’ method to restore the failed RAID 0 server


  • Restored the failed RAID 0 server
  • Retrieved all the inaccessible data files


Successfully Recovered Tally Files From RAID 0 Server

Located in Faizabad (erstwhile Ayodhya), our client is one of the prominent car dealers and a service center for Cars.

Administrative Challenge

The Client employed the RAID 0 server which was created by using two Western Digital hard drives (WD5003ABYX-18WERAO), each with a capacity of 500 GB. This would, therefore, ensure the safety and security of their critical data such as tally (account) sheets, legal documents, spreadsheets, etc., from failed hard drive situations.

A little while ago, the database administrator (DBA) of the company was experiencing difficulty in storing and managing the data. Whenever he worked with the server, an error popped up displaying the message: ‘RAID failure.’

Although he employed several repair processes, yet he failed in his attempts to rectify the failed RAID 0 server, which utilized two hard disks set up in the server room of the company.

Stellar AS the anchor

Given the critical situation, he realized that an immediate solution was necessary. He decided to seek external assistance to set the RAID level 0 server upright. Therefore, he contacted the Stellar Data Recovery Nehru Place center for converting the failed RAID into a healthy state so that it could be brought to use again.

The representative at the Stellar Data Recovery Nehru Place center listened attentively to the problem stated by the IT administrator of the client. He then asked the admin person to send the failed RAID 0 server so that they could begin with a primary analysis. The affected RAID drives was brought to the Stellar Lab, and the diagnosis began.

After receiving the failed RAID 0 server, the Data Recovery experts started with the analysis. Post analysis, they identified that though both the hard disks were working fine, however, the file system of the server was completely damaged. Therefore, the file system had to be repaired for recovering the data.

A remarkable Recovery

Although the issue experienced by the client was logical in nature, yet it was both critical and challenging. The reason being, the strip size of the RAID was not known; and, it procuring information about the RAID strip size was not an easy task. But, with Stellar’s seasoned Data Recovery experts, a well chalked out plan was laid out for recovery.

The Client received an intimation from the Data Recovery experts at Stellar who assured him of a safe and secure restoration of the RAID 0 server and data recovery. After receiving an affirmation from the Client  to carry out the RAID repair and data recovery process, they performed the following steps:

  • Firstly, clones of both the hard disk drive running Windows operating system were created.
  • Secondly, the strip size of the RAID 0 server was evaluated manually.
  • Finally, the advanced scan was employed where the final clone of the RAID was created, and data (account sheets, legal documents, spreadsheets, etc.) was recovered completely.

Stellar shipped the recovered hard drive to the Client to verify the repaired RAID and its important data. On verification, the database administrator found that all the recovered data files were accurate.

The Client was happy and satisfied with the results and thanked Stellar Data Recovery for the remarkable recovery.