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CLIENT - A working professional


The client is a working professional who employed an external Western Digital HDD to store and access data


To successfully recover the data lost from a failed external hard disk drive manufactured by Western Digital


  • Approached Stellar Data Recovery for HDD data recovery services via RFC (Request for Call Back) enquiry source
  • On recommendation, contacted Stellar Data Recovery Gurgaon center who employed standard data recovery tools and advanced techniques to recover the HDD data


  • Restored the failed HDD
  • Recovered complete data of 764GB in size


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Lost Data from a Failed External Hard Disk.

The customer used an external hard disk drive from Western Digital (Model No. WDBUZG001OBBK, S/N No.: WX11A94DKJ3R) to store all his significant data.


The client used the Western Digital external hard disk drive (Model no.: WDBUZG001OBBK and S/N No.: WX11A94DKJ3R) of 1 TB data storage capacity. This ensured that a large amount of data could be saved on it.

The hard disk drive (HDD) that appeared to be corrupt or damaged had bad sectors, which were not responding to read and write requests. He could not use his HDD in any way. He further realized that the hard disk had lots of bad sectors and that the entire volume of the drive was damaged.

The head of the HDD might have touched any component of the hard drive and rendered it corrupt, creating a challenge for him to recover the lost or inaccessible data.


We got the client's enquiry for HDD data recovery services via RFC (Request for Call Back) enquiry source. We learnt that he was worried as well as frustrated when he came to know that all his important data stored in the external hard disk was lost.

One of our representative listened attentively to his issue. He then empathized with the client and assured him of a solution. He explained the complete procedure for data recovery services to him. He then asked the client to send his HDD to the Stellar Gurugram Branch that was the closest Service Centre to Bhiwani. We received his faulty HDD on October 6, 2016, and the diagnosis began.

The failed HDD initially made a buzzing sound when one of our data recovery experts analyzed it. The diagnosis revealed that the hard disk was severely corrupt while made the stored data such as documents, images, videos, software applications inaccessible. On account of the damaged HDD, new data could neither be added nor deleted, which was the client's requirement.

The OS might have tried to read data from this sector of the hard disk only to find that the error-correcting code did not match the contents of the sector. This suggested that something was wrong with the hard disk. Finally, it was detected that the hard drive suffered both physical and logical damage. Some dust on the sectors of the HDD might have damaged both its hardware and software.


One of our data recovery experts inspected the client's Western Digital external digital HDD and came to the conclusion that it had been severely damaged making the data within it inaccessible. They also concluded that Class 100 Cleanroom Lab that rendered extremely clean environment would be required for HDD data recovery. This was intimated to the client from the expert of Stellar Data Recovery who assured him of a safe and secure data recovery process.

After receiving the confirmation from the client for HDD data recovery, the following steps were performed:

  • Firstly, the hard disk was taken to the Class 100 Cleanroom Lab.
  • Secondly, standard in-house tools were used to repair the bad sectors and convert them into good sectors.
  • Finally, our experts fetched all the inaccessible data and prepared an image. They recovered the complete data which was 764 GB in size. Moreover, the volume of data was in working condition.

Stellar informed the client that all his lost and inaccessible data had been recovered. Thereafter, the client visited the Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon) center and was elated after checking his recovered data during the verification session. He thanked Stellar Data Recovery for recovering his inaccessible HDD data.