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Kochi based firm that manufactures consumer goods


To successfully recover lost MS Office and PDF files


Contacted the Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery for Seagate’s hard drive recovery.


  • Easily and quickly recovered the MS Office and PDF documents.


Stellar data recovery recovered lost data from Seagate Hard Drive for a reputed firm that manufactures consumer goods

A reputed firm that manufactures consumer goods in bulk and supply either to the affiliated or other Co-operatives Societies. It also makes arrangements for proper storage, packaging, grading, and transport of the produced goods.


The client used Seagate desktop hard drive of 500GB with Model No.: ST3500418AS and Serial Number: 9VM2B9CF. The client stored all its data that included MS Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and as well as PDF documents for business communication. Anytime the data was needed, the administrator used to access the files and hence the information present in them.

One fine day when the administrator was trying to access the data in the stored files and folders, the system failed to boot up, and hence he could not access the saved data. This caused loss of all data including the important Office documents and PDF files on the system’s hard drive. This brought a huge setback to Consumerfed regarding profits.  


The client’s System Administrator took the initiative to contact Stellar Data Recovery Kochi Service Centre as he was well acquainted with its achievements in the field of data recovery from corrupt drives. Then, he expressed his wish to recover the MS Office and PDF documents easily as well as quickly, without much harm being caused to the lost data and the client’s business. The reason being, although he tried to recover the lost data yet he could not do much to resolve the issue. Also, he failed to understand the reason that restricted the system from booting up.  

Further, the administrator explained the entire issue he was facing and how badly it affected the business for which he worked to the representative at the Stellar’s Kochi Service Centre. He then re-emphasized on having a quick and fast solution to the issue that he was facing, as the client had to bear huge losses. He then expressed his desire to get back complete data unharmed by the hard drive recovery process. Next, he handed over the drive to the representative.


On receiving the drive, the representative handed it to one of our data recovery experts who inspected the drive.  After detection, he found that it was severely affected by a number of bad sectors. Also, the drive suffered file system error. Thus, for bit-to-bit recovery without loss of any data, the expert executed the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, he scanned the entire drive, but the process was slow due to bad sectors on the drive. With this, he saw that some data was in raw mode since MBR was corrupt.
  • Next, he fixed the MBR error and viewed the partition. With this, the data present there came in structured mode and was recovered successfully.

On completion of the recovery, the administrator of Consumerfed was informed about the completion of recovery process through email. As a response to the email, he himself came to the branch and verified the recovered data. On finding that all important MS Office and PDF documents had been restored successfully, he was in praises for our expert and Stellar.