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CLIENT - Lost File Recovery from Damaged Hard Disk - Case ID: KOC2053


A company involved in the non-specialized retail trade in stores.


Successfully recover all the data lost due to the failure of the Western Digital external hard drive.


  • Approached the Kochi Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery to recover all the lost data.


  • Successfully recovered complete data from the Western Digital external hard drive.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Lost Files from Damaged Western Digital Hard Drive

Located in Thrissur, the company promoting food and consumables produced locally. It does so by linking them to markets through their supermarkets and other retailers. It ensures that all their products get sourced from primary producers to the consumers directly avoiding intermediaries. With this, it contributes in passing on the benefit of price and value to end-consumers. The company has categorized as a non-government organization with Thrissur and Palakkad as operational areas. 


The client used a Western Digital external hard disk drive of 500GB data storage capacity. This ensured that the drive could save a significant amount of valuable data on it in a safe and secure way. However, the hard disk drive (HDD) got corrupt or damaged, possibly because of bad sectors in it. When this happened, the HDD was not responding to read and write requests. In effect, it became impossible to use the drive in any way.

When the IT administrator of the client followed up the issue, he realized that the drive had several bad sectors leading to damage of all the volumes or partitions in the drive. This, in turn, resulted in the inaccessibility and loss of all stored data.


We at Stellar Data Recovery Kochi Service Centre got the client’s enquiry for HDD data recovery services. We learnt that all the valuable data stored on the hard drive became inaccessible and hence was lost.
When the client connected with one of our executives at the Kochi branch, he listened to the issue quite attentively. He moved by the situation that had struck the client and empathized with him.
Further, he assured of an efficient solution by the data recovery experts and gave details of the entire procedure for data recovery services. Going forward, he asked the client to send his hard drive to Stellar Data Recovery Kochi branch.


One of our professionals who was an expert in recovering data from damaged drives, examined the HDD. On doing so, he came to the conclusion that the drive had been severely damaged, thus making the data (Microsoft Office documents, and all other multimedia data such as text files, image files, video files, audio files, software applications) within it inaccessible. Also, it was due to the damaged HDD that new data could neither be removed nor added to it.  In addition, the failed HDD contained several bad sectors.  

Despite several issues, he assured that he could effortlessly retrieve all the data if he got the permission to do so. This intimated to the client who, in turn, gave a green signal for a safe and secure data recovery from the Western Digital external drive i.e. hard drive data recovery.

The expert then executed the data recovery steps as part of the drive data recovery process as mentioned below:

  • The HDD data recovery expert took the drive to the DRS Lab.
  • The experts used standard in-house tools and techniques to convert the bad sectors into healthy ones.
  • The experts fetched all the inaccessible data and created an image file of the partitions or volumes in the HDD.
  • Recovered the complete data that became lost due to bad sectors on the drive.
  • In the end, the executive at the Service Centre informed the client that all the lost and inaccessible data successfully retrieved. On learning this, the client came to the Service Center and verified the recovered data. Elated to see all the recovered data, he thanked the expert at Stellar Data Recovery-Kochi Service Centre for recovering all his HDD data.


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