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The client is one of the largest media house in the Indian subcontinent. Its revenue is Rs. 6,020 crores and has a net income of 1,028 crores. It has a workforce of 1,826 employees


To successfully recover the episodes that were recorded and stored on the Mac machine which were lost due to damage in its HDD


  • Enquired Kolkata Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery for HDD data recovery services
  • Gave a nod to the experts at Stellar Data Recovery to go ahead with HDD data recovery service


  • Restored the failed Mac hard disk that was 2TB in size
  • Recovered all the 30 episodes of the daily soap stored in the hard disk


A prominent media house easily recovers the lost episodes of a daily soap for one of its channels

This leading Media House with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a subsidiary of a large conglomerate and possesses 35 channels, serving all across India and 169 countries worldwide.

This Media House used a Mac machine with 2TB HDD to store all its significant data. This high capacity hard disk ensured that a large amount of media and entertainment data to be telecasted could be saved on it.

Client’s Challenge

The client formatted a hard disk drive and stored about 25-30 shot episodes for telecasting on one of its 35 channels. These episodes of a daily soap had to be telecasted within a couple of days.

To ensure that the stored episodes were alright and in place, the representatives of the company ran a check through them. It was then when they found that none of them could be played i.e. they became inaccessible. The reason was that the hard disk turned corrupt with lots of bad sectors in it.

This loss of data was critical.  The client was worried about this and wanted an immediate solution to telecast the episodes on time.


We received the client’s query for HDD data recovery services at our Kolkata branch. We provided an affirmative response assuring the client of our in depth expertise in data recovery. We stated that we were capable of easily recovering the lost or inaccessible data (recorded episodes) from the hard disk that became corrupt due to bad sectors in it.

When the representative of the client company contacted us, our executive attentively listened to the problem and asked clarifying questions. Once done, the executive requested the client to send the virus-infected hard disk to the Kolkata Service Centre for initial analysis.

As the client’s office was located at a considerable distance from the Stellar lab, it was hard to bring the hard disk to the lab. For convenience, our executive then arranged for the media pick up from client’s doorstep. Finally, we received the infected HDD, and the analysis began.

After having received the hard disk, the professionals examined the HDD and found that it was severely damaged. The hard disk drive could not be accessed from outside. So, they took permission for opening it. The purpose was to recover data i.e. the episodes of the daily soap, from it. After opening the case, they identified that the partition of HDD with HFS file system was also inaccessible.


Our experts at our Kolkata Service Centre examined the client’s hard disk and found that the HDD suffered logical damage. However, the criticality of the situation was that the HDD size was of 2TB in size; therefore, it would take longer time to scan the complete data without any discrepancy in the structure, which was an immediate requirement.
The client provided his approval for proceeding with the hard disk data recovery. The expert who had performed the diagnosis of the Mac used standard tools of Stellar and tried to recover all the data. Finally, the expert successfully recovered all the 30 episodes and was delivered on time as per the client’s requirement.

Finally, the employees who were responsible for the recorded episodes of the daily soap verified the retrieved data. On verification, they found that the experts had recovered all the episodes. They all were quite happy to recover the lost data and thanked the team of Stellar Data Recovery Kolkata for resolving their critical situation.