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CLIENT - A stainless steel production company


A stainless steel production company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra


To successfully recover software data from the hard disk that could not be detected by Windows


  • Enquired Stellar Data Recovery - Vashi about software data recovery from HDD
  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery Service Centre for performing software data recovery process


  • Recovered all the lost software files from the undetectable HDD successfully


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Lost Software Files From Undetectable Hard Disk (V13910)

A multi-division and a multi-product based stainless steel production company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Challenges suffered by the CLIENT

The client used a 500GB Seagate hard disk (Model No. - ST3500320A) to store its company’s crucial data. The large size of the hard disk drive (HDD) ensured that more and more information could be saved in it. However, as per the client, it was not possible to read the data saved on it and also produced a grinding sound.  

This was possibly because the Windows machine could not detect it, which was due to the weak head of the hard disk. Thus, the client’s challenge was to recover all the stored data from the hard drive which could not be detected by the operating system.

Stellar to the rescue

When the client connected the hard drive to another machine, it could not be detected. So, they connected it to other 2-3 secondary devices. Still, the hard drive could not be detected in the BIOS, and the data remained inaccessible.

Later on, when the Database Administrators (DBA) of the client company failed after several attempts, they contacted us at the closest branch - Vashi. They asked if we could recover data from a hard disk that was not detectable on the primary or secondary machine.

Our representative listened carefully to the issue stated by the client. To their query on whether we can offer a solution, we replied that our seasoned professionals had the expertise to perform any hard drive data recovery process without fail.  

Again, the client queried about the data recovery process. To this, our representative answered that the first and foremost step would be to ship the hard disk to their service center for the experts to diagnose it. This would be followed by the hard drive data recovery process.  


The client sent the hard drive to us at Stellar Data Recovery – Vashi Service Centre for performing the data recovery process. Then, the disk was handed over to the experts of the Centre for diagnosis. After analysis, we found that the disk could not be recognized by the OS and that there was a noise from it due to weakness in the HDD head which was 4 in total.

As the head was weak, we connected and checked the hard drive with the help of a special tool called DFL. We found that the two heads were weaker than the other two heads and that there was a noise coming from the hard drive. 

Next, we started image by DFI tool of (1, 3) head which was less problematic than the other two heads (0, 2) that were weak and rendered noise. After completing some sectors of image head (approx. 3lakh sectors), we realized that as the data was related to software, therefore, the sectors could not be skipped.

We completed as many sectors as possible randomly with both the heads. Thereafter, we filled the gap of the sector that was skipped during imaging.  As there was noise coming from a particular area on the hard disk, we performed imaging of about 10,000 sectors every time with both the heads.

The entire imaging process took about seven business days to complete. Thereafter, the hard disk drive data recovery process began and was completed within three business days. The result was that the software was restored to its working condition and all the enclosed data became accessible.

On completion, the representative from the client’s end was informed that the software related database file of the machine had been recovered. Each and every detail was reported via email. We asked him to visit the center anytime to verify the results and take his software data, a result which is next to impossible with few skilled professionals having the capability to do it.

The client then visited the Service Center and verified the results. He was jubilant to find his software data being restored as he did not have a backup of the data. Also, recreating the data was not possible as the software related files are usually impossible to create.



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