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Amid COVID-19 crisis, Stellar Introduces ‘Remote Data Recovery’ in India

Helps businesses & individuals recover quickly from data loss situation

Haryana, Gurugram 27 March, 2020: Stellar (, globally acclaimed data recovery expert, has today announced its online ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service in India with a purpose to resolve data loss crisis situation in the present global exigency caused by COVID-19. In continuation of Stellar commitment to data care services since 1993, company has introduced online remote data recovery service for its customers to ensure the availability of lost or missing data at their doorstep without they even stepping out of their room/workplace. Stellar’s online ‘remote data recovery’ service enables its customers to avail data recovery service on a real time basis. This only requires a working computer system along-with an internet connection at their end to get back lost data. Stellar’s data care experts take due precautions while working remotely by using secured internet connection, along-with usage of its proprietary recovery software to ensure data confidentiality, data security and data safety of its customers. By availing this service, customers can get back their important data from all the scenarios of logical corruption in their storage systems such as deleted user data, deleted or corrupted logical disks or partitions, formatted logical drive, corruption of data (files, videos, photos, database, e-mails of pst etc.), missing data, missing files and folders, deleted LUN and partial overwrite in the data space.

Amidst this present crisis situation where every organization is forced to have its workforce operate from home due to “social distancing” and lockdown directives in place, the importance of data availability has become even more critical. In such critical situation, if there is a data loss or a server failure, it can cripple an organization to an extent that it may jeopardize its existence. To address this, Stellar has made available its online remote recovery service ; which helps you to get back your precious data right at your doorstep with two basic steps ;

  1. Remote Analysis (Step 1) – Stellar remote recovery specialist will take a remote access of your computer system to further evaluate and analyze the data recovery possibilities. During remote analysis, the remote data recovery expert will scan your storage device to showcase some of the sample files from the required data to be recovered. The analysis process may take minimum 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on your drive capacity and actual problem in the storage media. Post the user confirmation on sample data, a tentative timeline along-with the remote data recovery cost estimate will be shared with customer for their consideration.
  2. Remote Data Recovery Process (Step 2) - The Remote Data Recovery is performed post the user confirmation. Remote recovery expert will recover the required data & further store the recovered data on preferred media attached to user computer/system. Time taken for remote data recovery depends upon various factors such as the amount of data to be recovered, storage device capacity and its physical condition (presence of bad sectors) from where the data needs to be recovered etc.

“Working remotely is growing rapidly as the Covid-19 outbreak has mandated the organizations to work from home in several countries. Stellar aims to ensure alignment, productivity, and business continuity for organizations by offering its new online remote data recovery service which will ensure the availability of data at all times during this tough situation. As a pioneer in ‘Data Recovery’, Stellar understands value of data and its sensitivity like no other data recovery company. As the experts and leaders, we leverage the means, methodology and technology to recover lost data and help out people in distress during the present challenging times.’’ said Mr.Manoj Dhingra, Co-founder & Director, Stellar.

"As the coronavirus pandemic is expected to create increased requirement of working from home, this remote data recovery service will be a huge relief for the organizations and individuals who face a data loss incidence and look forward to get back their data without any delay and without moving out from their workplace at home. Stellar team of Data Care Specialists will help all these individuals and organizations to recover their precious data and reclaim their normal working while they remain in their respective homes" he further added.

Company has setup a helpline no. 1800 102 3232 for immediate remote recovery requests and has decided to waive off 33 per cent fees on both Remote Analysis and Remote Data Recovery Services. Remote Analysis charges are now priced at INR 699 and Remote Data Recovery services starting from INR 4500 onwards. Company has further assured the customers a dedicated team will be available to meet their immediate needs for data recovery through the global COVID-19 crisis.

About Stellar

Stellar is an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization specializing in services & software for data recovery, data migration & data erasure.
Since 1993, Stellar has served more than 3 million users globally across 190 countries.

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