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Each one of us, once in our life, has come across a situation where we accidentally lost some valuable data. While we can blame our lack of knowledge for not knowing what to do then, it would be entirely wrong to lose all hope and not seek professional help.

At such times, data recovery stands right next to data loss in the hierarchical structure. Certain factors lead up to a situation where one might lose some data permanently. Despite all that, there exist ways to recover your data, Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows being one of them.

From an accidentally erased file to a point-blank formatted drive, Stellar Data Recovery Software helps you retrieve data. The software is well-known among individuals as well as enterprises across the globe. Unlike most of the locally-accessible software, Stellar Data Recovery software guarantees results if one of the following is the causes of data loss:

Recover the following with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Software

  • Deleted file
  • Data hidden in a partition on storage media
  • Data from crashed OS
  • Data from lost or inaccessible hard drives
  • Data from external drive
How Windows Data Recovery software works?