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  • Oct 11, 2021

Stellar® SSD Data Recovery Service in India

Video Transcription

SSDs offer more reliable and durable data storage media than conventional hard drives. But using SSDs doesn't save you from data loss situations instead, SSDs pose a different set of failure scenarios and data loss situations.

Imagine your SSD's fails detection on the host's computer or turns out dead with no sign of functioning. This could mean a simpler issue like file system corruption but could also turn out a firmware corruption or hardware issue. Incredibly complex to fix your data is likely lost forever unless you seek expert help from stellar® because sometimes you have one chance and time is crucial.

At stellar® we help specialize in data recovery from failed SSDs in any scenario. Our SSD recovery experts diagnose SSD's hardware and software levels using world-class equipment state-of-the-art infrastructure and proprietary techniques.

Stellar® experts safely clean the SSD using a special chemical formulation removing dust and corrosion residues from the PCB. SSD is then coated with a chemical to find out the faulty components followed by a delicate repair or replacement procedure to reinstate the data flow.Our experts use native techniques to check the data level accessibility and availability in a readable form.

We use forensic grade equipment to simulate the controller activity and send instructions to the controller restoring the SSD to a readable state. This step is then followed by SSD cloning, data recovery and secure data delivery. With stellar® you can rest assured with best in class data recovery from any SSD failure scenario.

In any SSD data loss scenario, speak with our data recovery consultant.

Stellar SSD Data Recovery