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  • Sep 29, 2021

Stellar® : India's No. 1 Data Recovery Company

Video Transcription

We live in the digital age and data has become the essence of our lives. Imagine the chaos if we lose access to our digital information stored on multiple devices. What happens when our devices go off, whom do we look up to?

Introducing Stellar® – India’s no.1 Data Recovery Company since 1993, with over 400 employees, across 17 lab locations in Indian and abroad. The required world-class infrastructure is a specialized controlled environment Known as Class 100 Clean Room, which is a must-have to perform the data recovery operation.

Stellar® has India's only certified CLASS 100 Clean Room for performing data recovery operations from any kind of storage media starting with Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, External Drives, Memory Cards, Pen Drive, Storage Appliances, Tape Media to Complex RAID servers. With a 27+ years of expertise and proprietary software we promise to recover 100% of your vital information data and thereby get your digital life back in action.

Every year stellar® helps over 40,000 customers to get back their crucial data with an unmatched best-in-class success rate. Stellar® is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization which ensures a world-class transparent quality process with complete data privacy. Since you get only one chance for the best data recovery results so choose stellar at first instance. Stellar® has been the number one choice of 3 million+ happy customers across 190 countries worldwide.

Professional Data Recovery Service in India

We offer professional data recovery services across India through our 15 data recovery centers and via our 25+ service value partners. If you are experiencing any data loss situation, you can submit your storage device for data recovery at our nearest data recovery service in India. You can also avail free doorstep media pick-up service, or send your device via courier. We perform data recovery in a controlled environment to ensure 100% data security & privacy. With Stellar® you have best chance to get your data back.

Unparalleled Data Recovery Service

  • Data recovery with utmost safety and privacy
  • Unparalleled data recovery success rate of 80%
  • India’s only certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab
  • Largest inventory over 15,000 donor hard drives
  • We service 40,000 + data recovery jobs annually
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organizatio
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