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A leading entertainment production company in Chennai faced a significant setback when their storage infrastructure suffered logical damage. This not only disrupted their operations but also posed a threat to their project telecast dates, impacting their reputation in the industry. Stellar Data Recovery in Chennai not only successfully retrieved all of their important data, but also did so swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to their production schedule.

Client Background:

This production company is known for its exceptional video content creation across movies, TV shows, and the music industry. Their expertise lies in utilizing DaVinci video editing software and extensively working with .ari files to craft high-quality video that captivates audiences worldwide.

Addressing Key Challenges in Data Recovery:

The client encountered a critical issue when their high-quality video content for an upcoming media production was unintentionally deleted from the ARECA Raid Server. This loss, comprising significant financial and time investments in content creation, underscores the vulnerability shared by those in the entertainment media industry.

Our swift action led to the successful recovery of all shot video clips, including extra non-essential ones, eliciting satisfaction from the media production house.

Here's the real challenge encountered on the ARECA RAID server, emphasizing the critical need for timely and efficient data recovery solutions in the media production sector.

  • 6 HDDs with a massive 12TB capacity each
  • ARECA server model (8050U3-6)
  • Apple File System (APFS)
  • Existing data in the media: 51TB
  • Total media capacity: 54TB
  • Unallocated area in media: 3TB
  • Unique .ari file extension for footage files
  • Recovered a staggering 20 Lacs (2 million) clips
  • Usable clips after recovery: 2.5 Lacs (250,000)
  • Deleted files: 1.5 Lacs (150,000)
  • Recovery duration: 15 days

Data Recovery Actions & Approach:

We began the recovery process on the ARECA RAID Server with precision, recognizing its critical data storage role. Every step was meticulously executed, ensuring utmost care and attention. Here, we outline some of the key steps:

  • Cloning all 6 HDDs, each with a capacity of 12TB.
  • Finding RAID configuration like Stripe Size, Data Flow etc., to optimize data retrieval.
  • Creation of linear images for streamlined recovery.
  • Software modification using DaVinci Software to accommodate the unique .ari file extension.
  • 15 days of dedicated effort resulting in the successful recovery of 100% pure data.

Data Recovery Success:

Data successfully retrieved and restored with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing our expertise in data recovery techniques:

  • Total recovered clips: 20 Lacs.
  • Usable clips: 2.5 Lacs.
  • Deleted clips: 1.5 Lacs.
  • The entire recovery process was completed within a tight timeframe of 15 days.
Stellar Server Recovery

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The entertainment media company's experience underscores the efficacy of leveraging DaVinci Software for data recovery. Retrieving 100% pure data, including numerous usable clips, showcases the recovery team's resilience and expertise. This case study reinforces the vital role of advanced RAID data recovery solutions in ensuring business continuity amid unexpected hurdles.