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Manufactures and suppliers of alloy steel


To successfully recover the database files from the server whose drives could not be detected.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai for recovery of data from the affected server.


  • Successfully recover the database files that had all the valuable data of the company.


Stellar Has Successfully Recovered Lost Database Files from Failed RAID Server

The company offers basic and foundry grade steel that is suited to both producers and founders of steel. Its products include pig iron, sponge iron, structural steel, steel billets, steel bars, blooms, steel rods, and other secondary steel products.  

Challenge that the client faced

The Client stored all its data in a RAID Server (Model No.: ST3146356SS and Serial No.: 3NQN0ZXXW) that had 12 hard drives with 146GB data storage capacity. The server was installed with Windows NTFS Operating System. The server contained the company’s database saved in database files, the data of which could be accessed anytime without restraint.  

One day, the client found that he could not access the data that was stored in the database files of the server. The hard drives could not be distinguished either, neither in the system nor the secondary system. With this, all the important data saved in the server was at stake, even the deliveries of the company. Here, this was the challenge that the client faced and had to fix the issue as soon as possible so that data could further be saved and accessed. His concern was:

“The database file in the server cannot be accessed that was working fine until now. This has affected the productivity of the company and the only solution required now is that the hard drives in the server get detected, and all data in the database files becomes available.”

The client wishes to have the server in a working condition with all data back in the database file that is accessible. This was possible only with assistance from a professional data recovery Service Provider. Here, Stellar Data Recovery was found to be a better option.   


The client approached Stellar Data Recovery – Chennai to fix the issue. He explained how the hard drives in the server could not be detected both in the primary or secondary system, owing to which the database file became inaccessible. Then, he requested the executive at the Service Centre to assist him in recovering all the server data.

Further, the executive asked the client to bring the system’s drives to the Centre so that the in-house professionals could diagnose the issue and then provide an effective solution. In doing so, i.e. after the client handed over the system, the professionals diagnosed the drives and found that they were affected with bad sectors and head issues. Now, as a resolution to bring back the server into a working state, we had to fix these issues.    

With the help of our in-house educated and skilled technicians at Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai, we were 100% sure about successfully recovering database files of the server.

“In the data recovery industry, Stellar Data Recovery - Chennai is a name that can be trusted. It has more than 2 million customers worldwide and offers numerous other benefits. Thus, approaching it for server data recovery is the best step.”


As a first step towards resolution of the affected server, our Stellar Data Recovery-Chennai professionals tried to create an image of the drives sector-wise. As there were bad sectors in the drive which rendered it as unreadable, the stepper motor was stopped and calibrated again. After that, we started copying sectors from all areas of the drive, except for the area that contained bad sectors.

Next, we recovered all data from the bad sectors in the drive and checked whether the important files were working by opening the WAV files. After opening, we found that all the data were recovered. With this successful recovery, the client was delighted to see his data restored from the failed RAID server.

“I am satisfied with the quality and on-time service delivered by the technicians of Stellar Data Recovery- Chennai Service Center.”