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The client is an individual who accidentally formatted his desktop PC in order to restore Windows OS


To recover client’s data from the formatted 4 TB hard disk drive


The client visited Stellar Data Recovery - Hyderabad branch with his HDD for data recovery


Successfully recovered all data from the formatted HDD


Data recovered from formatted hard drive

A photographer by profession, the client lost all his customers’ photos and videos stored in a desktop computer due to an error in its operating system that forced him to restore the OS and format the storage drive. Regrettably, he had no backup of the computer.

The desktop computer was equipped with Seagate 3.5 inch 4 TB hard drive with the model no. NA7HHCTZ and serial no. 1KBAP3501 that was sufficient to fulfill his high volume data storage need. He used to save all the recorded videos and snapped photographs of his customers on the desktop computer for processing.

With the concern for losing his business and reputation, the client wanted to recover these files desperately. He directly approached Stellar Data Recovery Hyderabad branch to salvage data from the formatted hard drive.


We at Stellar Data Recovery - Hyderabad branch received the formatted hard drive for data recovery. The drive underwent initial scrutiny from our experts.

According to the experts, the hard drive was in good health, but data was inaccessible due to the creation of a new file system during hard drive formatting that resulted in loss of pointers that pointed to the existing files present on the storage medium.

The experts then deep scanned the entire Seagate 4 TB hard drive using Stellar’s proprietary data recovery tool. The scanning process was rather easy due to the good health of the drive but time taking owing to the voluminous storage space of the drive.

The complete file structure of the drive segregated in volumes (including lost partitions). The experts then saved the recovered data on a different empty hard drive of the same storage capacity.

All the recovered files were free from corruption and opened smoothly without any error. The expert then transferred the recovered data from the makeshift hard drive to the client’s HDD with pre-installed OS. Meanwhile, we conveyed the success news to the client.


The client visited our center once again to see if everything was fine as expected. He was happy to verify all the photos and videos of his customers in perfect working condition. He then thanked Stellar Data Recovery - Hyderabad team for their excellent job.



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