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CLIENT - Corporate


A company located at Kochi has lost data due to crashed HDD


To recover client’s data from the inaccessible 1 TB Samsung hard disk drive


The client visited Stellar Data Recovery – Kochi branch with their crashed Samsung hard disk drive for data recovery


Successfully recovered official documents like MS Excel & Word files together with photos & videos


Crashed hard drive's data recovered

Kochi-based company, lost its important data stored in a crashed hard disk drive. The crashing resulted in inaccessibility of all their official documents such as Excel and Word files together with some important photos and videos.

The 1 Terabyte Samsung hard disk drive was used in Windows operating system and was etched with the model number ST1000LM024 and serial number S31LJ9DG710324.

Because of the urgent need of the official files, the company decided to contact Stellar Data Recovery Kochi branch to recover the data from the crashed medium.


The client visited Stellar Data Recovery – Kochi branch with their inaccessible hard drive. We heeded the problem conveyed by the client and persuaded him about our guaranteed data recovery service briefing our USPs and no recovery - no charge policy. After being satisfied with our trusted brand, the client submitted the inaccessible Samsung hard drive for data recovery.


Stellar Data Recovery – Kochi received the crashed Samsung hard drive and performed the basic data entry work. The drive was then handover to our data recovery engineer for diagnosis.

The assigned engineer verified the health status of the hard drive and found the following:

  • Corrupt Firmware
  • Bad sectors

The engineer fixed the firmware issue that was the root cause for the non-detection of the hard drive. He then used Stellar’s proprietary data recovery tool to create image of the hard disk to circumvent bad sector issue.

Once the image creation task was successfully completed, the image file was deep scanned to recover the lost data. We verified the recovered data thoroughly and found everything in working condition. Finally, we communicated the data recovery success to the client.


The client, sent a representative to check the recovered data. The representative verified each and every file and was elated to see all the important official files in perfect state. The client was contented with the Stellar Data Recovery team, which helped with grandeur service and process from the beginning till the end.