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CLIENT - Corporate


Kolkata-based personal and healthcare organization


  • To successfully recover the lost data from the virus-infected hard disk


  • Contacted Stellar’s Kolkata Lab immediately
  • Stellar analyzed the affected Hard Disk and found it was attacked by Crypto virus/Ransomware


  • Recovered all the data in ‘Raw Mode’ from the affected hard disk


Stellar Brings Back Important Files From Ransomware Affected Hard Drive

Kolkata based India’s leading personal and healthcare businesses firm lost their important files due to Ransomware attack. 

Administrative Challenge

The company stored its user’s data (reports, orders, payments, legal documents, scanned documents, etc.) in MS Word, Excel, PDF files, and other very important data on a server machine centrally. To protect this critical data, they installed a licensed antivirus software.

One morning, they faced a challenging situation which required immediate attention. Users were unable to access their files from the server machine; instead, all that their files showed were junk characters.

The IT representative checked the files on the server machine and found the system under a virus attack. Therefore, all the users’ files and data were encrypted. Also, there was a message prompt demanding a ransom for decrypting their original data.

Stellarr to the rescue: Diagnosis

The IT representative was not well equipped to handle such a situation. However, with several users’ data being impacted, an immediate solution was the need of the hour. Understanding the intensity of the situation and realizing the need for a professional assistance, the IT representative reached out to the nearest Kolkata branch.

The executive at the Stellar Kolkata Lab listened attentively to the issue and asked the client (IT representative) to send the virus infected hard disk for primary analysis. As the client’s office was located at a father distance from the lab, it was, therefore, difficult for the client to bring the hard disk along, fearing more damage to the hard disk. The Stellar executive then arranged for a media pick up from the client’s office.

After receiving the affected hard disk, the Data Recovery experts analyzed the hard disk and identified that the data inside the hard disk was attacked by the Crypto virus or Ransomware which hijacks the data using unknown encryption at random and then demands a ransom payment to decrypt them or release the data.

A Stellar Recovery

Apparently, this was a logical problem, but critical as this virus changes the file types by changing the file extensions randomly. However, Stellar, with its team of efficient and skilled Data Recovery experts, were determined that the infected data could still be recovered in the Raw Mode.

The Data Recovery experts contacted the Client and shared this positive news, who gave them a go ahead. They skilfully employed proprietary tools, by which they scanned the entire hard disk and recovered all the data in the Raw Mode. Usually, the experts preferred using multiple tools to recover the data and also compared the results, of which they chose the one that gave better results. In other words, the recovered data must be error-free.

The Client was elated by the results and so were the users:

"As the users of the Client verified the recovered data, they were happy to get back their lost data and thanked the entire Stellar team for resolving their crisis."



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