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Miss Hemlata Pednekar has lost her valuable data due to the unrecognized HDD


To recover client’s data from the 1 TB external hard disk drive


  • Shown the HDD to many vendors for recovery but  all failed to recover data
  • Finally visited Stellar Data Recovery - Mumbai with her tampered HDD for data recovery


Successfully recovered all important folders from the tampered 1 TB HDD


Data recovered successfully from an unrecognized & tampered HDD

Miss Hemlata Pednekar is an individual client whose external hard disk drive was not recognized when connected to a computer. This resulted in inaccessibility of all her important data present on the drive.

The 3.5 inch 1 Terabyte Seagate hard drive had the model number 9SEAN1-500 and serial number 2GHP17DX.

Miss Pednekar used the external hard drive to store valuable data folders together with other important folders.


The client’s external hard disk drive was not recognized and produced long beeping sound whenever it was connected to a computer. Thus, all her important folders present on the drive turned inaccessible. She was really worried. All she wanted is to get back everything stored on the drive without any data loss.


Desperate to recover all her data from the unrecognized hard drive, she had shown the drive to several vendors but was of no avail as no one was successful in recovering the lost data.

Luckily, she came across Stellar Data Recovery the most trustworthy and avant-garde data recovery service provider of India from online searching and decided to pay a visit to the company’s Mumbai branch.


Miss Hemlata visited Stellar Data Recovery – Mumbai branch with her tampered hard drive and enquired about our data recovery service. We briefed her about our service and our goodwill. She submitted the drive for analysis and waited for our response.

Our data recovery team analyzed the drive and found it to be physically tampered and speculated a fair chance of data recovery. The same was conveyed to her who was waiting for the analysis report. We told her to go home and relax and expect for our specialists to perform the recovery task successfully.

Our dedicated team opened the HDD in class 100 clean room and found the damaged head and light scratches on the surface of the platter. They cleaned the platter and changed the head so that the image can be generated from the same.

Subsequently, our expert team cloned the affected drive sector by sector on another working hard drive. Using Stellar’s proprietary software, they deep scanned the cloned hard drive and recovered the inaccessible data in a directory format as per the client’s requirement.

We had performed the data recovery from physically damaged Hard Drive and made the recovery possible.


The data recovery success was conveyed to the client, Miss Hemlata Pednekar, who visited our center once again to verify the recovered data. She gave us the following feedback with 5 star rating.

“We are happy that with help from Stellar we could retrieve the most important and valuable data from our completely damaged external hard drive. The staff was very co-operative and have tried to get us avail best possible discounted rate to us. We wish all the best to Stellar and also wish they keep helping others in restoring the precious data be it moments or documents... :)”


Due to COVID-19, Stellar Data Recovery offices will remain closed during the lockdown period. In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services. Read More