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During the unprecedented times of Coronavirus outbreak when everyone is confined to their homes, a professional photographer faced a critical data loss situation. He lost the videos and photographs of his client’s wedding, which he had to share the next day, from the hard drive. The storage drive was probably affected by a malware infection. The grimness of the situation was such that he could not visit a data recovery service center due to the lockdown and he was also not proficient to use an online data recovery software.

His professional reputation, business, and customer’s trust were at stake.

While searching for a viable solution, the client came across Remote Data Recovery Services from Stellar®. The online recovery service is launched by Stellar during Covid-19 outbreak for specific logical data loss cases.

Stellar Data Recovery Consultant contacted the client within an hour of receiving the request and fixed a time for the online remote session.

This was as a case of 100% recovery of the required data, wherein Stellar’s technician successfully retrieved the files in original format.

Problem Statement

Recover deleted videos and photographs from 1TB Western Digital hard drive on a remote session over a secure Internet connection.

Remote Data Recovery Challenges

  • Difficulty in establishing connection with the client system owing to slow Internet available at his tier-II city location.
  • Complete remote/online data recovery within the limited time span of the same session.
  • To assure the client that remote data recovery is a secure, safe and legal process, free from hacking or unauthorized access.

Remote Data Recovery Approach

Stellar® allocated a technician to administer the remote data recovery process in this case.

The following system requirements were necessary at the client’s end to initiate online data recovery process:

  • Source hard drive detectable by the host computer
  • Administrative rights to the host machine
  • Internet connectivity

After the client confirmed the system requirements, Stellar’s technician initiated the online data recovery process.

Recovers Lost Data Online on a Secure Remote Connection

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Remote Data Recovery Process

Step 1. Establish remote connection with client machine
Stellar data recovery technician emailed a remote access application link to the client to map his system with Stellar’s server. As the client downloaded and installed the link on his computer, the remote connection was established with his system.

Step 2. Diagnosis of the problem
Once the client’s system was accessible, the technician thoroughly analyzed the connected 1TB Western Digital hard drive from which the data was lost. It was found that the photos and videos shot with Canon DSLR were deleted.

Step 3. Remote analysis of the hard drive
The next step was to evaluate the prospect of remote data recovery from the hard drive. Using a proprietary software, the technician scanned the drive for locating the lost photos and videos.

The scan results displayed 500GB data including photos and videos. The deleted pictures were of CR2, CRW (Canon RAW file) and JPEG formats, while the videos were of MP4 and MOV formats.

The technician shared the preview of recoverable files online with the client.

During the process, only the required preauthorized folders were accessed by Stellar team to ensure data privacy.

The complete hard drive analysis, from scanning to files preview took 3 hours. Next, Stellar team emailed the analysis report with the client for his final approval before proceeding with online data recovery.

Step 4: Remote Data Recovery
After the client's confirmation, the technician began the online data recovery process by using propriety tools. The technician recovers all the wedding photos and video files from the external hard drive and saves them on the client's system.

About 30 GB data was required by the client, which was restored in an hour.

Standout Aspects

  • Throughout the process, the client could view the live recovery on his system.
  • Every detail was being shared with the client on email, chat, and call.
  • Stellar was able to retrieve complete data within the limited timespan and through a single session.


During this nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, Stellar helped the client to recoup his lost data while being at home.

The remote recovery technician successfully recovered 100% required data from 1TB hard drive. All the videos and pictures were restored with complete integrity.

The detailed assessment and recovery report was shared with the client. Stellar was able to accomplish this remote data recovery within few hours of undertaking the project.

The client was grateful as Stellar saved his professional reputation and business.

"Amidst the global crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, when our entire nation is completely in lockdown, Stellar Data Recovery, Asia’s #1 brand for Data Recovery provided us the data recovery of our deleted wedding videos. They helped us at the comfort of our home by offering remote data recovery and a tremendous fast service. Thanks to the entire team, especially Sashi, Rahul & Srabani."