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What is Partition?

When talking about a computer hard drive, a partition is a section that's separated from the rest of the hard drive (on a software-level, not hardware). There are many benefits of dividing a hard drive into smaller partitions, including the installation of multiple operating systems (OS), keeping personal files separate from work files, etc.

What is Partition Loss? - Causes of Common Partition Loss

The following are some of the most common partition errors encountered by computer users:

  • Disk Fragmentation: When you store files on a particular partition, the OS doesn't actually save them all in a sequence. Depending on the size of each file, it's located in a different location. Thus, over time, as the partition starts to run out of space, many small fragments of usable space are left scattered on the disk. This is called "Disk Fragmentation". If the hard drive isn't defragmented regularly, it can hamper the system's performance and lead to partition errors.
  • Partition Corruption: Data loss due to malware attacks, abrupt system shutdowns due to power surges, user error, etc. can also cause partition errors.
  • Partition Resizing Mistakes: Almost every modern OS allows you to resize the partitions as per your changing requirements. However, it comes with certain risks, and if a mistake is committed during the process, then it can make the partition inaccessible.
  • Bad Sectors: Years of hard drive usage can damage the magnetic platter which makes the data stored in certain regions called "bad sectors" unreadable.

Common Symptoms of Partition Loss

  • System boot failure: The system won't boot at all and may or may not display error messages like "Missing Operating System", "Invalid Partition Table", etc.
  • Raw Partition: The damaged partition won't open. Checking the properties of the same may show the available space as "0 bytes".
  • BSOD Error: You may see a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error turning on the computer.
  • Partition Overlap: In this, the system displays the total space of a partition in excess of what's actually available. However, writing data on a partition may damage the data on another one.

Solution: Recover Lost Partition

You can recover the data from a lost partition easily with Stellar Data Recovery - Professional software. All you have to do is download and install the program, and follow these steps:

  • Launch the program
  • Scan the hard drive and select the lost partition
  • Recover the files easily!

If you lose a partition, all the data saved on that partition goes missing. Many users create a new partition or repartition the drive (Try this when your drive has no important data stored on it). However, in most of the cases lost partition contains a tons of vital/important data. Then what should be suitable and reliable course of action?

To recover data from deleted partition is easy with the help of Stellar windows data recovery software, top rated partition recovery software.

Check the below infographics to recover deleted partition data, or for more detailed information to recover data from lost partition click here.

How to Recover Data from Deleted Partition