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What is hard drive failure?

A hard drive failure is a situation when a hard drive stops working and you cannot access the stored information on a working computer. A hard disk failure may occur due to human error, data corruption, virus attack, and mechanical failure.

What are the warning signs of hard drive failure?

There are different signs of hard drive failure that leads to data loss situation. Let’s look at some common hard drive warning signs.

  1. Unable to boot system due to frequent crashes
  2. Generation of sounds during system power up
  3. Hanging or sluggish performance of hard disk
  4. Error messages during read/write operation
  5. Files becomes damaged due to virus attack
  6. Hard drive fails to be detected by the system bios
  7. Inaccessibility to files or folders
  8. Grinding or clicking noise
  9. Long wait times to access folders and files

How to repair or fix hard drive failure?

There are many ways to repair or fix hard drive failure issues. If there is any hard drive failure sign mention above, then there is a chance of either logical hard corruption or physical hard drive corruption. Based on the type of hard drive failure there are different solution to fix hard and each solution can works in different situations.

With the help of below infographics you can implement the appropriate solution to fix or repair the damaged hard drive. This infographic only gives you the overview of different hard drive failure types and their fixing solution, for more detailed information on hard drive failure issues click here.

Common Hard Drive Failures and Repair Solution