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Having Outlook fail on you is pretty annoying. You can lose years of personal information and even lose progress. Unfortunately, damage to an Outlook document happens quite often. And when it does, this is the only resource you need.  We will take you through 4 methods of recovering a PST file using the Outlook PST repair tool. Read on to learn how to repair PST files in outlook.

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4 Methods to Repair a Damaged or Corrupted PST  File

Some of these issues, like hardware failure, are unavoidable. But for the most part, if your PST file gets deleted, it’s easy, and possible, to resolve. Here is how to repair Outlook pst files with the Outlook PST repair tool. 

1. Using Outlook PST Repair Tool 

  • Exit Microsoft Outlook 
  • Open File Explorer
  • Then, navigate to the folder called Office16. Here is the pathway to take. 

If you have a Windows 64-bit: 
Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Microsoft Office > root > Office16

If you have a Windows 32-bit: 
Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86)> Microsoft Office > root > Office16

  • Find the SCANPST file and run it as an administrator
  • Browse and find the Outlook PST file that you want to recover
  • Select “Start” 

Note: Outlook’s Inbox Repair tool is hidden in the depths of the Microsoft Office Installation folder. After you locate the folder, half your work is done. 
You will be given the option to create a backup of the PST file. Select this option so you can avoid further data loss scenarios. 

2. Recover Lost & Found Files With the Recover Tool 

The Lost & Found folder or the Recovered Personal Folder is the dumping ground for junk from a Microsoft account. This type of file recovery is intended for when the Outlook PST Repair tool partially recovers your files. 

  • In Outlook, go to the Home tab. Then, open the “New Email” menu, then navigate to “More Items”. In this menu, select the “Outlook Data File Option”.
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  • Select the “Outlook Data File” option then click “Ok”. 
Stellar Data Recovery


  • Select the destination where you’ll save the PST files. Then click “Ok”. 
  • Click the menu icon (3 dots) on the lower left side of the Outlook window. Select “Folders” to switch the Outlook sidebar to Folder List View. 
Stellar Data Recovery
  • Drag the content from the “Lost and Found” file to a new data file. 

3. Recover Improperly Repaired PST Folders With Backup

Sometimes, the Outlook PST Repair tool doesn’t fully function. A repaired PST folder may have files missing in it. And sometimes, they can’t be found in the “Lost and Found” or “Recovered Personal Folders”. If this happens, you can attempt a recovery by using the backup. Here’s how you can repair the PST file in outlook. 

  • Copy the backup for the corrupted PST file to your desktop. 
  • The file name will have a .BAK extension. Change this to .PST. To do this, open the File menu in the File Explorer window. Then, select “Change folder and search option”. Then, change to the “View” tab and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” box. 
  • Open “File Menu” then select the “ Open & Export” menu and here click the “ Open/Export” option. 

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  • Select the “Import from another program or file” option in this wizard, then click “Next”. 
Stellar Data Recovery


  • Then, click “Outlook Data file (.pst) and click “Next”. 
Stellar Data Recovery
  • Click “Browse”, then select the backup copy of your corrupted PST file. Select “Do not import duplicates”, then click “Next”
Stellar Data Recovery
  • Then, check the box next to “Include subfolders”. Then, click the “ Import folders into the same folder” option. And also select the Microsoft account you need the files imported to. Then click “Finish”
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4. Stellar Repair for Outlook

If SCANPST (method 1) didn’t work for you, there’s still hope. You can repair a corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file using a reliable 3rd party repair tool. We have 2 options. 

  • Stellar Repair for Outlook

Stellar Data Recovery


  • Stellar Toolkit For Outlook

Stellar Data Recovery

Let’s see how the Stellar Outlook Toolkit works. 

With the Stellar Toolkit For Outlook, you can preview the emails before you recover them. So there won’t be any unnecessary downloads happening. Here’s how to repair PST files in outlook using the Stellar toolkit. 

  • Download and Install the software on your PC. 
  • Launch the software. The main interface window will be shown. 
Stellar Data Recovery
  • Select the “Repair Mailbox” option. Here, select the damaged PST folder you wish to repair. 
Stellar Data Recovery
  • Then, click on “Repair” to start the process of retrieving your information. You can see a progress bar as the scan is happening. You can also stop the scan in-between. 
  • After the scan completes, the software will display all the recoverable files. You can select all the files you wish to recover and view the content.
  • Click the “Save repaired file” option on the bottom right corner. You can save the file in many file types including RTF, PDF, and HTML. You can also select the location you want to save the file. Click “Ok”. 
Stellar Data Recovery

After the repair finishes, you’ll see a pop-up message indicating it has been completed. 

You can also watch video for complete solution to repair Corrupt PST Repair File Stellar Repair for Outlook

Causes of PST File Corruption 

A Personal Storage Table is a file format used to store emails, contacts, calendars, and more. And it getting corrupted could cause the deletion of your data. Here are some reasons why a PST file may get corrupted. 

  1. Application terminates abnormally
  2. Large-sized PST file
  3. Virus Attacks or Malware
  4. Hardware Failure
  5. Software Issue


What happens after you repair your Outlook file?

After the repair is completed, you will see a new folder called “Recovered Personal Folders”. This contains default outlook folders or a Lost and Found folder.

Can I reinstall Outlook without losing emails?

Uninstalling and reinstalling won’t delete any Outlook data. You can go ahead with your work as long as you log in to the correct account.

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What can I do if ScanPST doesn't work?

ScanPST is the most popular, but it is not the only PST recovery tool. You can use the Stellar Toolkit for Outlook to recover your data. 

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