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Database Recovery Solutions

Stellar offers recovery solutions in Oracle database, SQL database, exchange database, access database. It also provides services for recovery from MySQL, MS Access, QuickBooks, dBase, DB2, Visual FoxPro etc. within minimum turnaround time. Be it deletion, corruption or inaccessibility of the database, Stellar provides fast and 100% risk-free database recovery.

Database Recovery Services

Though database deletion is a rare case, sometimes due to an accidental deletion or software/hardware problem, entries of the database, database objects or even the whole database gets deleted.

Few of the reasons behind the loss of database/database objects could be:

  • Accidental deletion of database objects, database modules or an entire database.
  • Any hardware problem in the database server.
  • Any physical damage to the hard drive of the system resulting in database loss.

Every database is invaluable, and a small mistake can damage the database beyond recovery. Hence, If you witness any database problem, keep yourself calm and composed and immediately seek professional help.

Database Recovery Service

Database Recovery Service Cost

Database recovery service cost can be estimated only after complete analysis of the affected storage device. We need to have your device to evaluate the condition and then only we can confirm database recovery cost. The DB data recovery cost depends upon the following key parameters:

  • Device condition – functioning or not?
  • What kind of damage your DB has suffered?
  • Device data storage capacity

You need to submit your device in our data recovery centre for analysis. After a complete analysis, we can confirm the following:

  • Database Recovery possibility
  • Time estimate to recover database files
  • Exact Database Recovery Cost
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Database Recovery Software

Recover data from any type of database. Our Data Recovery software can recover data from Oracle database, SQL database, exchange database, access database etc. It helps you in recovering your MySQL files, MS Access files, QuickBooks files, dBase files, DB2 files, Visual FoxPro files etc. within minimum turnaround time. With advanced features like a powerful scan engine, Turn on-off preview, RAW recovery, resume recovery, remote recovery, etc. it becomes first & foremost choice among all users.

DIY Database Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery Software

Database Recovery Software Cost

Our Data Recovery software for database has been reviewed and awarded by many internationally acclaimed reviewers and magazines. The Flagship Data Recovery software by Stellar provides options to recover from multiple types of files from different databases. This software is available in different versions including Windows Data Recovery Home, Windows Data Recovery Professional, and Windows Data Recovery Technician. You can download the software free or buy software here:

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* Download the trial version to scan & preview all the lost files & folders.

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Tips to Increase the Success Rate of Database Recovery


If you have accidentally deleted database objects and files, it can be recovered with stellar recovery software. But, trying multiple times unsuccessfully can lead to more damage.



Hardware issues in the database server can’t be rectified without professional help. DIY methods can cause permanent data loss. Use Stellar Data recovery services for this.



The situation is similar to hardware damaged system. Software solutions will not work. You need stellar database Recovery services for safe retrieval of your relevant data.



A damaged internal structure is a critical issue which requires immediate attention. Contact Stellar professional services, and our experts will help you recover data.



Database corruption is more common, and from small industries to large business houses, this is one of the biggest worries of data loss. With innovative tools & techniques, stellar database recovery professionals accurately analyse the database corruption issues and thereby successfully repair and recover the database. Some of the prominent reasons behind the corruption of your precious business-critical database:

  • Virus or malware infection.
  • File system corruption.
  • Operating system/Application malfunction.
  • Power outage or unexpected system shutdown.
  • The vast size of the database.
  • The internal structure of the database is damaged
  • Bad sectors in the storage media.

Stellar can efficiently repair the below databases with all their objects:

  • Database Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and dBase, DB2, Microsoft Access, QuickBooks and Visual FoxPro etc.
  • Database Object Database tables, stored procedures, reports, forms, macros, schemas, containers, cluster tables, indexes and triggers.
  • Stellar's systematic approach ensures maximum possible database file recovery: Analyzing the problem: During the consultation, we make a note of database details, the exact problem and steps taken by you to devise the correct recovery approach.
  • We perform the repair & recovery process on the cloned media. With our indigenous tools and techniques, we repair the database and after that recover the data.

With over 20 years of experience in data recovery and extensive research, Stellar has gathered exhaustive knowledge regarding internal structures of all the databases. Its highly qualified database recovery experts, advanced techniques and state of the art infrastructure of CLASS 100 Clean Room, have enabled Stellar to recover your database from an instance of database problem successfully

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5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I am very much satisfied with the recovery services, employee of Kolkata Branch are very supportive specially Tinni & Srabani help me a lot & co-ordinate with me time to time. Best of luck for future.