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  • Sep 30, 2021

Stellar® Hard Drive Recovery Service In India

Video Transcription

You have toiled hard to organize and save your business critical data on a hard drive. Imagine this hard drive crashes and there is no available data backup, you lose all your data and you are worried about financial and reputation loss. Do not panic, reach out to stellar® at first instance for professional help to get the best recovery results.

Stellar® specializes in data recovery from any type of failure in internal or external hard drives. Hard drives are very sensitive and require a clean room lab environment for recovery. Our data recovery experts diagnose the root cause of drive failure in a certified class 100 clean room lab to plan recovery. 

For drives with damaged read write head assembly, we perform delicate transplantation procedure using a unique matching part chosen from a vast library of donor drives. This helps to prepare a data clone and then recover data. 

Armed with an unmatched world-class infrastructure, propriety technology and professional expertise stellar® every year helps over 40,000 customers to get back their lost data. We understand your inherent need for data privacy and confidentiality. Stellar's ISO 27001 certified process assures complete peace of mind for data security. Reclaim your digital life with stellar.