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Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost

The first questions, which everyone asks us on our helpline number and chats,
"Hey, I am not able to access my data. Can you recover this data for me? My data is very precious and important."

Stellar Data Recovery offers a complete range of data recovery option to recover deleted data according to different data loss scenarios. Choose the most
preferable data recovery option as per your need.

Our executive, "Certainly we can help you with data recovery."

Then the customer asks, "How much it will cost to get my data back from the hard drive?"

Here’s the answer,

For simple data loss case from hard drive, data recovery charges start from ₹ 3,500. Data recovery charges for hard drive vary due to the cause of data loss and the volume of the hard drive. To know exactly how much it would cost and why it varies, please read along.

Data loss can happen due to various reasons. Thus, before we can quote you the exact cost of data recovery service, we need to analyze your device to understand the real cause of data loss. This step is most important to determine what further actions need to be taken to get back your lost data safely.

Briefly, data recovery charges are directly related to the complexity of the case. Therefore, the higher the complexity, costlier will be the data recovery service, as it requires specialized equipment, experts help, and a controlled environment such as Class 100 Clean Room lab.

A professional data recovery service provider estimates data recovery service fee on the following parameters:

1. Type of Data Storage Device
There are different types of hard drives used in PC, laptops, and servers. A laptop packs in smaller 2.5” SATA drive while a PC has a bit larger and faster 3.5” hard drive. Then there are external hard drives that connect via USB interface and RAID server hard disks. Each type of hard drive has a different data recovery cost which is based on their type, size, and interface.

2. Problem Type
As we mentioned earlier, data recovery cost varies with the complexity of the data loss case.

For instance, data recovery from a physically damaged or mechanically failed hard drive is a highly complex task, which requires specialized tools and a dust-free temperature controlled Class 100 Clean Room lab.  It may take days to recover data securely from such physically failed hard drives.

On the other hand, data recovery from a logical damaged hard drive can be done quickly with careful inspection and specialized software. Then there are cases where a user may lose data due to a combination of both logical followed by physical failure—occurs when the drive is aging.

3. The Storage Capacity
Cost of data recovery is directly proportional to the storage capacity of media.

4. Spare Transplantation for Hard Drive
A physically damaged hard drive require spares such as actuator arm, read/write head, etc. for transplantation and data recovery. Availability of these spares also affects the cost of data recovery.

5. Tampered Hard Drive
Chances of data recovery from a tampered hard drive are much less than a non-tampered drive. Also, these jobs become more complicated after tampering. Hence the cost of data recovery from a tampered hard disk is high than a standard hard drive.

6. Turnaround Time
Data Recovery charges also vary as per your urgency to recover your data. If the demand to retrieve data is immediate, the cost of recovery will be high.

A reputed data recovery company takes into consideration the parameters mentioned above to calculate data recovery charges. While this may seem like a justification of high data recovery cost, in actual, this is to maintain transparency of data recovery cost.

Here is the list of data storage devices from which we recover data.

Type of Data Storage Device
Hard disk drives (HDDs) RAID Servers Laptop/Desktop
Solid state drives (SSDs) Server iPhone
Pen Drive FLASH drives Android Phone
Memory card Mac Encrypted drives
SD/Micro SD card Optical Media Ransomware affected drives

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Solid-State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery Cost

SSDs have more complex data storage architecture as compared to standard hard drives. Hence the data recovery cost for SSD is more as compared to HDDs.

SD card Data Recovery Cost

For simple data loss cases, data recovery charges for SD card and flash memory devices start from ₹ 3,500. Data recovery cost for SD cards increases with the storage capacity of the card.

Most commonly used flash data storage devices in India are SD cards, eMMC, Pen drives, CF cards, etc. These portable storage media are generally used to store and transfer data such as documents, presentations, photos, videos, etc. from one device to another.

Customers have a mindset that data recovery from SD cards, pen drive, and memory card should be cheap. They compare the selling cost of these cards with data recovery cost. However, this is not the case. One should not compare the price of the data storage device with the cost of data recovery from the same device.

In SD cards, memory cards, and CF cards, the most common reason for data loss is device formatting, file deletion( Logical case), and sometimes, physical damage.

In case you prefer to visit a professional data recovery service provider for a logical data loss case, they will charge you based on device storage capacity. For logical cases, you can also try our DIY professional data recovery software. Try our Photo recovery software, which can recover data from SD cards. The demo version of this software is free.

In case of a physically damaged SD card or other flash storage drive, only a data recovery expert can help you in getting back your data. There is no alternative except opting for a professional data recovery service.

The data recovery cost of a physically damaged SD card will depend on the type of damage.

Briefly, data recovery from a physically damaged SD card is a more complex job and hence, data recovery charges are higher.

Data Recovery Charges for SD Cards, Hard Drives, SSD, and Mobile Etc.

Following data recovery charges are applicable at our data recovery centers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi Nehru place, Delhi Connaught place, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, and Vashi.

Here is a pricing band for data recovery services from different storage devices

Storage device Data loss situation Data Recovery Cost
HDD * Logical - Formatted/Deleted/partition loss Hard Drive Recovery Cost Starts from ₹ 3,500
(Varies as per capacity of Hard drive)
SD Card/Memory Card Logical - Formatted/Deleted/partition loss SD Card Recovery Cost Starts from ₹ 3,500
(Varies as per capacity of SD card)
Pen Drive Logical - Formatted/Deleted/partition loss Pen Drive Recovery Cost Starts from ₹ 3,500
(Varies as per capacity of Pen drive)
Flash Drive Logical - Formatted/Deleted/partition loss Flash Drive Recovery Cost Starts from ₹ 3,500
(Varies as per capacity of Flash drive)
SSD Drive Logical - Formatted/Deleted/partition loss SSD Drive Recovery Cost Starts from ₹ 10,000
(Varies as per capacity of SSD drive)

* Data recovery charges are indicative and applicable for hard drives up to 2 TB. Data recovery cost of the higher capacity hard drive are available on demand

For all kind of hard drives (internal/external, USB/SATA) which are physically damaged (dead hard drive, not detecting the hard drive, not responding drives, etc.), data recovery charges are different.

RAID, Server, SAN, and NAS - Data Recovery Cost

Storage device Data loss situation Data Recovery service cost
RAID Data Recovery Logical/Physical Data Recovery service price is available on demand
NAS BOX Data Recovery
SAN BOX Data Recovery
Storage Server Recovery
Virtual Server Recovery

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  • CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM data recovery for physically damaged drives
  • Job status update - Daily/As requested

Stellar is the world's top data recovery service provider company. In India, we serve our customers from 15 data recovery centers located in all major cities. Our qualified data recovery experts handled all jobs inside our certified, controlled data recovery labs. We ensure 100% safety and privacy of your data.


Your Hard Drive is handled in this professional ISO certified Class 100 room environment.


The Data Recovery Expert is doing parts transplantation in your hard drive in a controlled environment.


Data Recovery Expert manually checks the quality of your recovered files, to ensure the files recovered are in best state.


100% safe, secure and private data recovery. Biometric access control system restricts unauthorized access inside data recovery lab.

Stellar Data Recovery Software Price in India

Stellar offers data recovery software at economical prices for its customers in India. Our data recovery software are developed locally and are 100% made in India. We have designed software to scan the storage devices and recover any lost data. We offer solutions for home users as well as small and big businesses, we offer a wide range of data recovery and repair solutions. Stellar Made in India data recovery software is available at a discounted price for our Indian customers. We cater to needs of customer and offer custom made data recovery software offerings. We have 1 month licence offer for our top DIY data recovery software – customers can now purchase stellar data recovery license at a lower price and enjoy unlimited data recovery for 1 month. Best price guarantee, special discount for Indian customers on data recovery software cost.

We offer cost effective prices of stellar data recovery software in India. Refer to stellar data recovery prices in India:

Stellar Data Recovery Software Cost in India

Software Name 1 Month License 1 Year License
Stellar Data Recovery for Windows ₹2,999
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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows ₹3,499
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Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows ₹3,999
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Stellar Photo Recovery Software Cost in India

Software Name 1 Month License 1 Year License
Stellar Photo Recovery ₹2,499
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Stellar Photo Recovery Professional ₹2,999
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Stellar Photo Recovery Premium ₹3,499
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Customers can upgrade to 1 year license version of the above mentioned software or can simply buy 1 year license version with heavy discount.

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Stellar Offers Following Data Recovery Solutions

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Get back your data online now. We provide online data recovery service In some cases where data loss reason is logical And your storage media is detecting in your System.

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IN – lab Data Recovery

IN – lab Data Recovery

You need IN- Lab services when your storage media is not getting detected in system, and data loss reason is Physical. In all such cases our technician will perform data recovery in our CLASS 100 clean room lab.

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