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The craze for brand new smart devices is at an all-time high.The number of smartphones shipped in 2010 was 174 million. That was a drop in the bucket compared to 1380 million units sold in 2021 (when the world was going through a pandemic and everyone had less money to spare).

The sale of refurbished devices is not far behind. 251 million refurbished smartphones were sold in 2021, a number expected to double in the next five years.In short, refurbished phones are in enormous demand.

As an ITAD recycler, you know the trends better than we do. However, to take advantage of the situation, you need to speed up the process of acquisition and disposal. This is where mobile testing software is invaluable.

Let’s understand how. 

Mobile Diagnostics for the Accurate Evaluation of Decommissioned Devices

Cell phone testing software helps you automate quite a large part of the process and allows you to aim for 3X revenue. There is currently a lot of guesswork involved since there exists no way to classify the used phones according to their usability.

A mobile diagnostic software offers hard and specific proof about what works and what does not in an old device. 

  1. Know what’s still working inside the phone

A phone diagnostic software performs several tests to find the health of the product. When you buy used phones, there is rarely any opportunity to check for anything other than a cracked screen and quick swipe through the menu.

This is where mobile testing software helps you automate your incoming device diagnostics. Imagine what it would be like if every mobile phone brought to your facility can be analysed in minutes, and its health summarised for you mobile diagnostic report.

How does such a report support your revenue goals?

  • Quick classification allows you to introduce structure and process into what was till now a “hit or miss” game.
  • You can identify devices that can be easily refurbished with minor part replacements. 
  • A study found that 66% would pay more for a cell phone with a robust battery. Though it focused on those who bought new phones, it is reasonable to assume that buyers of not-so-new ones would feel the same.
  • A device that is a year or two old but is fully functional has a market that is as big as that for the newest and shiniest of phones.
  • Charge the right price too and the customer would gladly pay if they knew that a two-year-old flagship device had zero defects.
  1. Develop a massive inventory of well-classified spare parts for OEMs

Every year in summer Samsung® and Apple® announce their flagship model. But the phone is not reinvented every year. The improvement is incremental.

Thus, you can sell the fingerprint sensor, SIM card housing, flash, accelerometer and proximity sensors, OLED screen, chipset, and even the cameras back to OEM manufacturers. These parts do not change every year and can be easily reused. Apple® and Samsung® are in a race to cut down emissions and encourage recycling.

The price you get will not be great but you can make up for it in volume. Alternatively, you can offer spare parts to those who repair gadgets. There is a thriving market for smartphone spare parts since the repair of flagship phones after requisition of parts from OEMs costs an arm and a leg. 

If the phone is completely dead, you could sell it for the precious metals inside. A typical smart device has gold, silver, tungsten, and rare earths like neodymium.

  1. Offering better prices for decommissioned, recycled, and reused IT equipment

To increase profits you need volume. Volume is possible when you have a process in place that can be scaled up. An able mobile performance testing tool helps you do just that.

IT companies and startups are a goldmine of old devices (the correct term should be not-so-new devices). To grow your business you need such bulk customers who dispense 100 laptops or 400 tablets at a go. 

They hand out expensive phones and tabs as perquisites. Every 24-36 months they are upgraded. Since businesses write off depreciation there is a no-profit, no-loss situation if they want to sell and buy a new one.

In the corporate environment, a feel-good factor needs to be attached to every decision and outcome. Offering them a method for disposal of e-waste in a responsible manner that reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions is a sure-fire way to win them over. 

The only way to rope in these corporate clients is by having accurate diagnostic reports in hand.

To produce one smartphone 34 kilos of ore need to be mined using 20 grams of cyanide. Save 100 phones and resell them in the second-hand market and that is 2 kilos less cyanide used. 

In fact, with this data in hand, they could easily run a program to find which employee uses their devices in the most environmentally friendly manner and reward him/her. 

5 Reasons to use BitRaser® Mobile Eraser and Diagnostic

BitRaser Mobile Diagnostic* is a mobile performance testing tool that is made for ITAD service providers.

*The software bundles data erasure and mobile diagnostics capabilities. So, when you use BitRaser Mobile Diagnostic, you get industry-leading data erasure features too. This lets you position your ITAD service as one that leading IT companies can trust. That’s because you can generate auditable and tamper-proof data erasure reports for your customers. This gives them the peace of mind that their devices will be thoroughly cleansed at your facilities.

What choose BitRaser cell phone testing software?

  1. Checks hardware health of both iOS and Android smartphones.
  2. Runs more than 40 tests to determine the status of hardware.
  3. Can perform diagnosis on multiple devices at the same time.
  4. Provides accurate feedback about every hardware component of each.
  5. Generates a PDF report with device details (model, software version, IMEI).

The list of tests carried out by BitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostic is comprehensive:

  • Battery health
  • Call dialer
  • RAM
  • Internal storage
  • Sensors such as GPS and accelerometer
  • Dead pixels
  • Volume key
  • Wifi
  • Camera
  • Fingerprint sensor

.. and a lot more.

Suffice it to say nothing about the phone is left unknown. The results are documented and can be emailed to anyone.

Save time, energy and resources and at the same time maximise the resale value of used smartphones with help of BitRaser Mobile Diagnostics.

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